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package steam boiler chain grate 3 tph price

Beiqi Panther car 6 tons of steam condensing one fuel gas package steam boiler chain grate 3 tph price project has been successfully completed. This series boiler adopt advanced design concepts, using the waste heat of flue gas cascade, with the use of the condenser and the economizer fully absorb the waste heat in the flue gas, the boiler efficiency has been greatly improved.

Gas-fired package steam boiler chain grate 3 tph price during installation, the unit does not start to know very clearly installation and adjustment of water treatment equipment, installation resulting in inaccurate when some substandard water treatment equipment factory-standard, but use the same installation, resulting in congenital insufficient. Some units did not quite know more clearly the performance of the gum, gum or purchase poor quality waste collection gum when buying, and not without a fight δ check around to see mortem examination, it is loaded into operation inside the column, resorted to water hardness greatly marked cause furring.

Many different types of boilers and pressure difference between the pressure of the boiler, where the atmospheric pressure and a lot of applications, heating effect is also very good, for which we often confuse the two, is considered to be the same kind of equipment, in the end two whether the devices are the same? Here we'll tell you about the difference between the two: 1, pressure both to supply low-temperature water, but also for high-temperature water. And atmospheric pressure can only supply low temperature water of less than 100 deg.] C. 2, the water level control problems ① pressure is full of water, there is no level control problem. ② pressure of the water level control problems. The boiler drum is full of water, still connected to the top of the box opening, there is still water level control problems. 3, is not confined to the boiler equipment ① pressure of the heating system is pressure equipment, with a risk of explosion. ② atmospheric pressure boiler heating system boiler is not always open to the atmosphere so that the boiler will not explode in any case, good safety performance. 4, elements shall be installed differences ① pressure gauge, safety valve and thermometer, because the boiler always is full of water, so no water level and water level gauge ② atmospheric pressure is only a small thermometer, because the boiler with the atmosphere, the pot pressure is always atmospheric pressure, there is no danger of explosion, it is not necessary to install a safety valve, pressure gauge can not be installed. 5, a circulating pump heating system circulation pump and pressure difference ① is pumped from the boiler, the heat pump is the pump that functions to overcome the resistance of the system, mainly to overcome the resistance of the valve regulating backwater. ② pressure of the circulating pump heating systems, pumping systems engineering is sent to the boiler return water, is generally used in water pump. It has to overcome the resistance of the systemic circulation, but also to maintain a certain pressure boilers, boiler water at high temperature to ensure that no vaporization. It can be seen atmospheric pressure, the pressure of the boiler is not the same, the main difference between the two lies in the different heating system works, so we choose to pay attention to in the future, and they need to understand is the kind of equipment, do not buy wrong can not be used.

Local governments in the state environmental protection departments call to phase out coal-fired boilers for action, and in order to encourage enterprises to actively reform also introduced the corresponding subsidies. However, there are still some people watching, the recent news that: coal-fired Boiler Gas boiler standard grant funds decreasing year by year, 2020, will no longer be entitled to benefits. This is how it happened?

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