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portable steam boiler problem 75 ton

Now let's talk about the solution. It is necessary to find out the reasons for treating the problem, cut off all discharge cages, block all running, risking, dripping, leaking, increasing the automatic exhaust valve of the system, strictly manage the system, and make the replenishment rate run up to the standard. A small amount of supplemental water is inevitable, but the quality of replenishment water, preferably deaerated water. The boiler water heating alone can make use of the waste heat from the tail flue to replenish the proper amount of sodium phosphate and sodium sulfite into the boiler at the same time, which is beneficial and harmless to the boiler. Strictly control the PH value of the furnace water, and test the PH value on a regular basis.

Our other fast boiler in the boiler industry strength already heard, through cooperation proves that our choice is correct. This water-tube boilers installed very quickly, basically no delay our production process, bring benefits to the enterprise. --customer feedback

Third, environmental protection, not a traditional boiler combustion noise-free module boiler system wind equipment, the human ear can hardly be heard boiler operation. Meanwhile, the boiler burner block often used aluminized steel, sophisticated technology, to ensure efficient combustion, the combustion rate of 98%, and substantially no environmental pollution. Product safety: safe and reliable gas boiler module, open the module installed boiler pressure system during operation always in addition to normal pressure, but also with multiple perfect safety functions: flameout protection; anti-dry protection; frost protection ; low protection level; auto exhaust protection; preventing overheating protection leakage protection; built-in installation: water system is always closed during operation under pressure 0.05 ~ 0.3Mpa, the system having a security function in addition to mounting the outer open also has a protective function: expansion pressure protection system; low-pressure water protection system, high-pressure safety relief protection. Gas boiler classification module start, significant energy saving. By fractional gas boiler module system start function, the system in accordance with the size of thermal load, automatic adjustment module stops, when each module reaches full capacity and then start another module, so as to ensure the system is always match the actual heat output heat load demand, ensure that each boiler was operated at peak efficiency, maximize operational heat efficiency of the whole system, completely solve the traditional operation of large boiler of energy wasted. Meanwhile, the control system automatically balance the operating time for each module, extending the life of the overall system. Smart central controller with an indoor temperature sensor and a water temperature sensor, real-time acquisition and the indoor ambient temperature signal automatically calculate the optimum heating water temperature, and controlling the number of modules in operation, while maintaining room temperature stability, saves fuel, significantly reduced Operating costs. Commercial gas boilers climate compensation modules, outside temperature in different months in low-cost gas boiler heating season is different, the same day the outdoor temperature is different at different times of the heat demand of the building will vary widely.

Gas boiler misfire diagnostic reasons: gas boiler is not only cleaner and more environmentally friendly, fuel efficiency and performance is also higher than other types of boiler fuel many universal coverage in industrial processing and production of all walks of life, in the chemical production, food processing, textiles, paper and other industries are using. Many users use gas-fired boilers to us that when the boiler has just started, the point will appear without fire.

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