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What are the reasons electric water power plant boiler solutions heating not hot? To address this issue Xiaobian share Profile for everyone. (1) If the boiler tube blockage situation will cause the water flow rate is too slow, the water temperature at a lower temperature through the radiator, causing some impact on heating. And in the process, a phenomenon due to the low return temperature resulting in energy waste have also occurred. (2) the quality of some hot water boiler itself to be fine. Because quality is not up to the same heating area, the use of low-quality electric hot water heating, natural reach the actual heating effect, leading to heating not hot phenomenon. (3) the value of the thermal load is relatively small house, the house is a so-called thermal load which the difference between the amount of heat and the heat, to give the larger the difference, the worse the thermal insulation effect of the house, in this case that, if appropriate, changing power electric water boiler, there will be no central heating hot phenomenon. Factors of course, affect the electric hot water heating does not heat a lot, above, are common types of electric hot water heating process. After Either way, we know the bad factors affect heating effect, we need in the course of operation, in particular, take note of these points, standardize operations, and maintenance, to ensure the normal heating.

Gas-fired steam power plant boiler solutions full of water against big accident! Gas-fired steam boiler in the boiler, which in the specific knowledge to explain, the following will be carried out, were summarized, then for: specific hazards steam boiler full of water accidents, as well as a steam boiler feed water, what are the main requirements? In addition, there are other related issues. 1, special hazards steam boiler filled with water accident: if steam boiler filled with water, then for this boiler, have a significant impact, as well as adverse consequences. Specifically, if the boiler is filled with water, it will generate a lot of steam with water or steam pipe water hammer, thereby reducing the quality of steam. In addition, it will also affect the normal supply of the boiler. In addition, if the consequences are very serious, and that is in the steam boiler superheater fouling, resulting in damage to the boiler. 2, steam superheater and boiler feed water demand effects: for steam boilers, feed water main requirements are: feedwater hardness should be less than 0.03mmol / L. Therefore, in terms of standards, we must strictly comply with the specific requirements for concrete action in this regard. In the boiler, superheater if it produces dry steam. 3, what is the wet back boiler? Wetback steam boilers, steam boilers in particular one of them. Wet back boiler means placed inside the exhaust chamber and immersed in the boiler in the boiler water. Therefore, we call this wet boiler steam boiler. And a corresponding advantage. For steam boiler, above, we have learned more knowledge of the boiler, in order to improve the safety of users.

As a leader in the fast side condensing gas power plant boiler solutions, in recent years, provide a clean boiler to Beijing multiple office units, was well received. I units through the preliminary investigation and contrast, select fast boiler, it turns out, party fast product does have quite a good cleaning environmental performance, in line with the Beijing municipal government requirements for air pollution emissions, the use of very at ease. --customer feedback

Boilers operate by heating water to make steam, and using that steam for heat or energy generation. For the most part, apower plant boiler solutionsis fairly efficient, but there is some heat loss when the byproducts of combustion are vented. The byproducts of combustion are still hot, often quite hot, and when they are simply vented, this represents lost heat for theboiler.

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