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Premix condensing boiler Price

Compared with ordinary gas premix condensing boiler price, condensing gas boiler can improve the thermal efficiency of 15-25%, one year, input costs for business can save a small fortune in fuel. But we can not ignore, in order for correct operation condensing gas boiler to play its true strength.

Walking in the village, we can see that the sparse crowd, in front of the elderly chat and play with the children. Economic tide makes the village more than half of young workers out of the countryside towards the city diverse work environment also means that the child grows missing parental care. Walk to campus, low school buildings, overcrowded classrooms, lack of basic education all reflect the hardware of the mountains. The onset of winter, the mountains to cool the most obvious. The children in the hands of the cold and muddy drinking water, people can not help but feel bad. These difficulties and shortcomings, becoming fast premix condensing boiler price barbs lie in the hearts of all the staff, long linger in the mind.

Europe and America in the early 1970s are already using condensing technology. Was condensed using a contact type technique, i.e., a high temperature flue gas into direct contact with water, a water absorption of latent heat, cooling flue gas emissions. This is the predecessor of the large industrial premix condensing boiler price economizer is used. The following disadvantages: 1, will make the acidified water once, must be frequently and chemical bases, the cost is not low. 2, once the water is open, it can not be used in a closed system. 3, larger, not available for domestic boilers.

Gas-fired steam premix condensing boiler price there are many different types of places for different use. However, the technical parameters of the boiler is very much the same, in order to allow users to contact the gas boiler steam boiler can be simple and clear to understand some of the details, is a professional manufacturer of large-scale gas-fired boiler, Henan fast boiler This small series of gas-steam the basic parameters of the boiler briefly, after reading these specialized parameters, everyone would know everything.

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