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Gas boiler control system is what's on the market now are a lot of gas-fired boiler with intelligent control system, near-unmanned boiler management, both to save labor costs, but also to ensure the safety and boiler operators. The control system can be divided into ordinary gas boiler control and PLC touch screen control, compared to the former, PLC control system more flexible home, intelligent and convenient; by the vector control element interacts control cabinet and instrument valves complete. A control system for a gas boiler part 1, a control cabinet: control cabinet by the touch screen interface buttons and LEDs of two parts. 2, touch-screen control interface: the master control parameter setting interface, set the instrument interface, data logging interface, fault query interface, Maintenance Guide interface, fault query interface. 3, light button: power indication button, the button indicating the first pump, pump operation instruction button No. 2, sound alarm button, stop button, a manual pump 1, automatic switch button No. 2 automatic switching button manual pump, eliminating the alarm button. Second, part of the gas boiler instrument valve pressure control is divided into two parts, and water level control. .1, pressure control: gauge, pressure gauge, pressure controllers, pressure transmitters, valve. 2, the water level control: level indicator, an electrode level sensor, float level sensors, liquid level sensors top plug. Third, the interlock control and interlock control linkage controlling a gas prices water pipe steam boiler gas boiler: 1, ultra-high temperature smoke, does not start the burner; 2, low water level, the alarm, the burner does not start; 3, ultra-high pressure alarm, burner does not start. Gas-fired linkage control: 1, the pressure signal to control the burner start, the size of the fire conversion; 2, water pump start and stop control signals, frequency; 3, high level alarm; 4, start and stop the burner condensing circulating pump linkage.

How do I choose a boiler manufacturer?

Boiler is a kind of equipment used for energy conversion. The boiler can output steam, high temperature water and organic heat carrier by inputting all kinds of chemical energy or electric energy with high efficiency energy to the boiler, so it can provide hot water and production power to the boiler. Boiler manufacturers are specialized in various boiler R & D and production enterprises, if the enterprise wants to purchase boilers to choose a high-quality reliable boiler manufacturers, let's see how to select a good boiler manufacturers.

1. First of all, when enterprises need to purchase boilers, it is best to collect the details of the relevant boiler manufacturers through various channels, and then to understand the evaluation of these manufacturers in the market. The boiler manufacturers with high market evaluation are arranged and compared, and then several interested manufacturers are selected to further understand the other situation of these manufacturers.

2. When choosing qualified manufacturers to inspect the highly evaluated manufacturers, they mainly look at the boiler manufacturers' production qualifications, because the boiler is a kind of equipment with certain risks, so our country has qualification requirements for the manufacturers producing boilers. In addition to the enterprise business license and other qualifications, but also have the Boiler and pressure vessel Manufacturing license, so we should pay attention to this license when examining.

Winter is the peak heating heating, but also prone to accidents of special equipment such as boilers. To effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of accidents, equipment thorough investigation to eliminate safety hazards, Hunan Province to carry out safety hazards investigation work in the province within the boiler, boiler equipment and punishes the security measures are not in place.

Yueyang City bearing the brunt of the provincial government in response to the call for in food, pharmaceutical processing industry, boiler equipment, pressure vessels, pipelines, etc. investigation and remediation, further investigation and security risks, strengthen supervision, which ensures safe operation of special equipment.

Zhuzhou City, the relevant departments to implement the special equipment safety responsibility, collective interviews conducted meetings, some special equipment overdue inspection or rectification in place of business risks not to be interviewed. In order to urge them to get inspection reports in order to restore operation, to ensure the safe use of special equipment. But also warned of these enterprises, if not through legal regular inspections, not only safety and production are not effectively protected, will be severely punished.

Over the last four decades CFB boiler has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a robust small-scale industrial boiler technology routinely used to burn difficult fuels. Not only do boiler designs now extend to 800 MW, but CFB has gone ultra-supercritical (USC).

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