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pulp amp paper boiler in saudi arabia

Low nitrogen gas pulp amp paper boiler in saudi arabia, as the name implies, refers to the use of natural gas as a fuel, and a series of measures, such that the major air pollutants - nitrogen oxide (referred to as NOx) emissions decreased down to within the range of emission standards. Nitrogen gas boiler low NOx generation type can be divided into thermal NOx (ThermalNOx), flash type NOx (PromptNOx) and the fuel type NOx (FuelNOx). 1, since the amount of nitrogen gas is lower, and therefore, the fuel NOx is not a major type of control. 2, thermal NOx refers to NOx combustion air at a high temperature oxidation of N2. On the thermal NOx formation mechanism commonly used in the Czech Popovich channel mechanism: When the temperature is lower than 1500 ℃, the heat generation amount of NOx is small; Above 1500 ℃, the temperature is increased 100 ℃, the reaction rate will increase 6 to 7 times. In the actual combustion process, since the temperature distribution in the combustion chamber is not uniform, if there is a local high-temperature region, the NOx generated in these areas will be more, it may be the entire NOx formation in the combustion chamber plays a key role. 3, in the case of prompt NOx in the combustion of hydrocarbon fuel and fuel-rich reaction zone quickly generate NOx. Various factors alone changes in the actual combustion process, a number of parameters are in constant flux, even a simple combustion of gaseous fuel, the fuel and air should be subjected to mixing, combustion fumes, until leaving the furnace. The degree of mixing temperature of the furnace fuel and air, flue gases in the furnace and residence time of these parameters have a great effect on NOx emissions are in constantly changing.

In the foreseeable future the main consumers of coal and products of its processing will be power plants, industrial pulp amp paper boiler in saudi arabias and utilities, heating furnaces and coke is expected that there will be a doubling of coal consumption for electricity and heat production. Coal exports will be stay constant about 30 million tones per year.

For more than two decades, it has been the focus on clean pulp amp paper boiler in saudi arabias, the insistence on precision and wisdom, and the pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship that have made today's Fangkuai boilers. Fangkui Boiler will always be based on the boiler industry, and will return customer support and trust with brilliant results and sophisticated technology.

According this project,We found that Spain have rich biomass resource can be used in industry for pulp amp paper boiler in saudi arabia as burning fuel.The Spanish have gone from consuming 100,000 tonnes of pellets in 2010 to 380,000 tonnes in 2013. And forecasts published by various organizations are saying that by 2020 the 1.1 million tonne mark will have been passed.

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