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Whether it is late before the gas residence district heating boiler operation, water is an essential step, good water quality and water supply systems, can add a lot of convenience for the boiler operation. So, how to ensure the water supply operation is correct it?

It is reported that Shandong Province to further promote the action of atmospheric pollutants governance, but also to "defend the blue sky strategy" escalating, the Shandong provincial government amended the new "Regional Air Pollutant Emission Standards" and other three local standards, as the province's mandatory local standards of environmental protection, on November 1, 2019 formally implemented.

1, to improve the standard index-related emissions, can improve the level of clean production, reduce pollutant emissions, Forced out of high-emission equipment, improve air quality. The revised standard canceled the densely populated high-polluting industries sewage privilege, the use of emissions phased strategy partition; divides a region of Shandong Province as the core focus, and general control zone, different regions perform different emission limits, based on the location of the enterprise partitioning control requirements.

2, a new round of defense blue sky "Strategy" will be ultra-low emissions standards covering all coal-fired boilers in Shandong Province, and will gradually promote the non-coal industry, requires iron and steel, coking industry emissions to meet ultra-low emission standards. Key building materials industry emissions control area cement, ceramics, lime, glass, etc. are also required to achieve ultra-low emission standards, the general control zone cement, ceramics, glass and other building materials industry emission requirements more stringent than the national standards.

3, changes in air pollutant emission standards in the current round of revisions is the biggest "air pollutant emission standards iron and steel industry." The new revised standard will help eliminate a number of small-scale, backward technology, compliance governance hopeless small-scale iron and steel enterprises, and guide the existing steel enterprises discharge standards by clean energy alternatives, etc., so as to promote Shandong Province, energy, industrial restructuring, improve the quality of atmospheric environment.

4, according to monitoring data, 2018, Shandong fine particulate matter (of PM2.5), particulate matter (of PM10), sulfur dioxide (SO2), (NO2) average concentration of nitrogen dioxide fell 14.0%, 8.5%, 33.3 %, 2.7%; the number of days of heavy pollution fell for 5 days. Wherein the fine particulate matter (of PM2.5) than the average concentration of 2013, 2015 decreased 50.0%, 35.5%.

According to the "2013 Shandong Province - 2020 air pollution control plan" in 2020, the province's basic ambient air quality standards, compared with 2010 improved by 50%. Since 2013, Shandong "broken wrist" environmental pollution, has released various standard 102.

Gas hot water residence district heating boiler cleaning dirt method which gas hot water boiler cleaning dirt methods are there? Unconsciously, heating hot water boiler silently throughout the winter to provide warmth for people. At this time, the boiler has a lot of dirt and impurities. If not cleared up, it will inevitably have a negative impact on the post-operation and efficiency of the boiler. How to deal with the dirt has become the most important user of heating, fast boiler will briefly introduce the cleaning process and methods of hot water boiler. Softened water treatment for water calcium, magnesium and other major fouling substances, commonly used sodium softening, long-term effective fouling inhibiting the growth of these substances. Decontamination facilities in order to efficiently separate water and slag, typically installed on the inlet pipe decontamination boiler and indoor systems. Boiler blowdown present, the commonly used method of sewage water boiler circulation pump is turned off for 2 hours after opening the drain valve precipitate impurities in the water, the water is discharged into the water until clean. Some people think that cleaning dirt, water softening facility after the heating system is installed, do not need cleaning effort, this concept does not meet the actual situation; both softened water treatment, also has its cleaning method is the most effective, most thorough decontamination method.

Good gas residence district heating boiler two advantages included: the boiler is a product of the times, play an important role in industrial production, but with the innovation of industrial production pattern of rapid changes in technology, this product of the old industrial age has been difficult to fully to meet the needs of modern business, then how should the boiler business to stand out in a large number of boiler products it? The popular gas-fired boiler with excellent advantage into the market, all kinds of gas boiler with its advantages of access to many consumers, small series will accordingly we analyze what are the advantages of gas-fired boiler. A: a wide range, multi-application scenarios typically use gas-fired boilers for the whole body of glass wool type insulation and lightweight, making use of good thermal insulation effect and less heat loss. The closed hornet rusting gas boilers, gas boilers are generally good mechanical and electrical integration, will not take up too much living space can be workable. In our lives the gas boiler is not uncommon, when fully automated equipment in operation more save effort, users can continue to provide bathing water or heating, domestic hot water to bring a more convenient life. So gas boiler, whether commercial or industrial use can be competent, in order to ensure that within the scope of the more highlights its effects. II: low-cost, time-saving factory direct gas boiler equipped with computer-style bath boiler controls, all functions are programmed on a smart chip boiler just a key to boot, the whole process automatic timing, temperature operation the user can set to open according to different needs, pause time gas boiler, once setup is complete without hand guards, so it has easy, labor-saving advantages.

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