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Since the occurrence of Zhangjiakou City, February 28th a tragic accident 15 tons of biomass residential water heaing boilers explosion (caused 3 dead 7 injured), Hengshui High-tech Zone Branch of monitoring the quality of the region's rapid convening of an emergency boiler safety special rectification will deploy a total of more than 60 home boiler unit, install the unit to participate.

At the meeting of the relevant provisions of the "Special Equipment Safety Act" Publicizing a comprehensive and read the "Hengshui City High-tech Zone boiler special rectification action plan", will use a month's time, carry out a comprehensive risk investigation to ensure the region's security boiler . Special Inspection Branch of the provincial hospital Hengshui boiler room main person in charge of inspection requirements for boilers and risk points were explained in detail.

The meeting stressed that all units should deeply learn boiler explosion safety lessons from the accident occurred recently around the country, and continuously enhance the sense of responsibility, strengthen risk awareness, problem seriously put their own problems and routine regulatory inspection found hidden in a timely manner rectification, study and solve countermeasures. To step up publicity on the one hand, and the regulatory authorities to supervise boiler unit to improve the system and strengthen the boiler safety training to improve skills of workers boilers, prevent illegal operation; on the other hand, vigorously promote the special equipment and boilers and other laws and regulations use common sense, use boilers to improve safety awareness, enhance self-awareness and self-protection ability of the masses. By month renovation, so security was tubes, equipment information, personnel documents, maintain dimensional record. Meanwhile, the number of law enforcement agencies to investigate and punish illegal cases, the exposure of some illegal businesses, education, warning a number of luck in the use of units, and strive to create "Care for life, concerned about security," a good social environment.

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With the intensification of pollution problems, environmental protection has become a major problem in the world to be solved. As a kind of energy equipment that will be applied in all walks of life, the boiler has intensified environmental pollution to some extent. In the world, the call for environmental protection is becoming more and more intense. Different countries and regions have imposed restrictions on the emission of boiler pollutants. Different countries and regions have different environmental policies because of local environmental problems.

Multiple protection fuel steam residential water heaing boilers is to ensure that the boiler safe will fuel steam boiler multiple protection is to ensure the safety of boiler necessary condition for people in the use of fuel steam boiler products, the most concerned about security issues, while fuel steam boiler made some in terms of security effort, let's look at multiple protection fuel steam boilers. Set in the boiler water gauge, indicating inconsistencies found, simply amended to ensure that the actual water level. Meanwhile, water also has an impact rod, water can be more accurately acquired signals, and to send an alarm signal in time. Selecting a high-sensitivity pressure controller, different signals to different pressures, and gain control, automatic protection. Single fire and can also be adjusted according to actual situation dual fire. Multiple protection to protect a certain extent, the safety of users, eliminating the need for users to unnecessary trouble to solve the needs of users from the fundamental.

4664 due to industrial residential water heaing boilers scale formation of what are: industrial boiler scale formation causes of which are first of all, water treatment measures are not in place. Situation local industrial boiler water treatment methods are set out below: Some of the salt tank with the use of small water treatment apparatus (hereinafter referred to as the outer pot water), some of trisodium phosphate and sodium hydroxide was added to the pot (hereinafter referred to as pot- ), while some units are not taking any water treatment measures, direct operation of the boiler. The outer pot using water, some units in the design of a water treatment system, the local water quality testing is not performed, the washing apparatus and the backwash time are not set according to local water conditions, the hardness of the water supply when a large, positive and negative wash time is inadequate. Are washed lack of time, can cause water supply quality standards, and the lack of time will result in the backwash exchange properties of the resin gradually decreased until failure. In the selection of water treatment equipment, water treatment equipment selection of some units capacity is too small, does not match the rated boiler evaporation, can not meet the water supply needs. Also in the installation and operation of water treatment equipment, water pressure does not reach, it will also affect the normal operation of water treatment equipment. The use of pot-use units, some only use sodium hydroxide or unreasonable use of the ratio of two drugs, an insufficient amount to some at the time of dosing pot, add the drug, or add less than the frequency of drugs, or frequency is not fixed, sometimes pay more, sometimes less plus, often when the operator aware of the dosing dosing, failure to strictly follow the rules dosing, the drug failed to change according to changes in boiler load of the added amount, this will non-compliance resulting in water supply, boiler heating surface fouling. A situation that prevails, and a great influence on boiler fouling. Second, the sewage is not a lack of diligence or emissions. Some people in charge of rural baths, sewage think too much waste, sewage is not timely or a small amount of sewage, resulting in high concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions and salts can not be discharged, calcium and magnesium ions inside the boiler and salt concentration gradually, gradually formed scale. Increase managers are not aware of boiler fouling caused by coal consumption, the loss of economic costs and the impact on safety. Others are lax management unit, boiler rules are not perfect, fireman inadequate business knowledge, sense of duty, these conditions can also cause sewage below standard.

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