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4 tph WNS oil-fired fire tube responsibility of boilers in industry original project for construction industrySteam boilers are used for plasterboard drying, concrete component maintenance, decorates material drying, the production of moulded bricks and other processes. Pholaco, established in 2008, has evolved into a multifaceted, vertically integrated business, specializing in light steel frame (LSF) construction, EPS panel construction, and CLC (cellulose lightweight concrete) construction. PHOLACO also focuses on environmental protection while expanding its business. This time, PHOLACO planned to order several fire tube boilers, which are used heavy oil as the fuel. ZOZEN had gained the trust of PHOLACO by powerful comprehensive strength and rich experience, successfully partnering with them. ZOZEN’s engineer had gone to South Africa to know their actual demand. After discussing with each other, ZOZEN provided 4 tph WNS series heavy fuel oil boilers for PHOLACO. This kind of fire tube boilers adopt large corrugated furnace for the fuels to be fully burned. With the use of thread smoke tubes, which are high efficiency heat transfer element, the thermal efficiency is up to over 93%. This kind of fire tube boilers also can easily achieve the low NOx emission. Furthermore, WNS series heavy fuel oil boilers are designed to feature easy installation and short periods, helping PHOLACO operate normally as soon as possible.

Recently, Pingliang City, issued the latest "Pingliang City to win the Battle of Blue Sky 2019 annual implementation plan," we can see, Pingliang City, determination and efforts for the improvement of the atmospheric environment. Details are as follows.

First, in an orderly clean winter heating. Seriously implement the "Pingliang City winter heating clean overall plan (2018-2021 years)," according to an alternative clean, affordable, affordable residents principle, using a combination of all types of cleaning of heating, substitution of coal for heating. Full implementation of national, provincial and clean energy heating prices on northern policy support, accelerate the clean heating work.

Second, continue to promote the comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers. On the area of ​​coal-fired boilers comprehensive investigation, according to "a furnace of a policy" requirements, to promote the comprehensive improvement of precision work. Increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers, the county level and above urban area per hour and 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and pantry oven, stove operating, grain storage and drying equipment, coal-fired facilities out rate of 60%, principles the 35 tons of steam per hour, no new coal-fired boilers, in principle, to the rest of 10 tons of steam per hour, a new coal-fired boilers. Dispersing the concentrated coal-fired boiler heating pipe network grid should be eliminated, the coal-fired boilers and gas dispersion pipe network should be implemented under the premise of coal to gas in the implementation of the air supply and gas supply; central heating and no gas pipeline network coverage area scattered coal-fired boilers, energy saving and environmental protection in line with national requirements, compliance governance reform can be implemented smoke, does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced by electricity, alcohol-based fuels and other clean energy; industrial Park (zone) press the "one District one heat source "requirements, an orderly phase-out of demolition and decentralized heating boilers; in remote rural areas, affected by economic and other conditions can not be eliminated or temporarily restrict use clean energy alternative to coal-fired boilers can be taken to use clean coal and other ways to achieve the flue gas discharge standards.

And how to determine what is alkalinity responsibility of boilers in industry original water cold room? For boilers alkalinity should be how to determine the appropriate scope? How to determine whether the boiler pressure boiler? And a cold water chamber fluidized bed boiler, specifically what? The three above-mentioned problems are associated with the boiler, and is also very important. So, then, without further ado, to answer specifically, so that we can understand and grasp. 1. boiler alkalinity should be how to determine the appropriate scope? On the boiler, it is necessary to have a certain boiler water alkalinity, the specific reason is because to avoid boiler scale, and silicate scale, so as to avoid some of the problems, and to facilitate their normal work and run. In the specific range thereof, the upper and lower limits, for 6mmol / l. In the upper limit, it is generally of 8mmol / l, so as to avoid corrosion and alkaline caustic embrittlement occurs boiler.

Safety knowledge gas steam responsibility of boilers in industry original must keep in mind the impact 1. The gas run by non-central steam boiler loads, the safety valve regularly discharge overpressure steam. After the exhaust valve stem deflection easily, leading to valve leakage and load center spring receiving non-eccentric, so stress decreased secure circular spring. Safety i.e. the load stress is inversely proportional to the eccentricity, that the valve spring failure, shortened life 2. axially or radially spring valve used on boiler load, mostly cylindrical. Known from calculation, by the valve spring when subjected to axial or radial axial spring load, the amount of deformation, shear stress is inversely proportional to the diameter of the spring wire; corrosion when in use, the spring, the spring wire diameter becomes small, the spring the amount of deformation, the shear stress is increased, thereby causing spring failure. 3. Effect of boiler operating load by the impact of the safety valve in the bounce state frequently, a greater impact when the exhaust gas velocity, this time before the three times of the first spring receiving impact load to absorb more impact energy. Inability to quickly and effectively the impact load is transmitted to the back of the coil. Three times before plastic deformation resulting in further failure. To ensure the safety performance of a gas steam boilers, boiler safety valve to be installed, this is a very important protection valves, boilers of its work to avoid the occurrence of major accidents.

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