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It is reported that Inner Mongolia has issued a "winning Blue Sky Battle three-year action plan to implement the program," out of shutting down 300,000 kilowatts coal-fired units of non-compliance. Vigorously promote the region's coal-fired units (excluding the circulating fluidized bed and "W" Flame Boiler) ultra-low emission transformation, by the end of 2018, Wuhai City and the surrounding areas all in-service thermal power coal-fired units basically completed the transformation; by the end of 2020 before, with the rest of the transformation of the conditions to complete the transformation of coal-fired power plants all. And promote the implementation of the transformation of ultra-low emissions and steel industries.

First, the implementation of dual control energy consumption. And vigorously promote the total energy consumption and intensity "dual control" to promote the reduction of coal consumption through energy saving. Earnestly implement the autonomous region, "" Thirteen five "comprehensive energy conservation program of work for carbon reduction" and "energy saving" Thirteen Five "plan", by the end of 2020, the region's total energy consumption control at around 225 million tons of standard coal, coal accounts the proportion of total energy consumption decreased from 82.9% in 2015 to 79% unit GDP energy consumption fell 14% from 2015. According to focus on the use of coal and clean use of principles, focusing on reduction of non-coal for electricity, increase the proportion of electricity from coal, coal power accounted raise the proportion of total coal consumption to around 55%.

Second, the development of clean energy and new energy. By the end of 2020, non-fossil energy consumption reached about 25 million tons. An orderly wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects, optimization of wind energy, solar energy development layout. Increase renewable energy consumptive efforts to solve the basic wind abandoned, abandoned light problem. By the end of 2020, the region consumptive wind power capacity has reached 45 million kilowatts, 15 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation reached.

Biomass hot water rice mill boiler machine waiting for export to South Africa

69 years industrial horizontal hot water boiler manufacture experience; Entering the South African market for 20 years

Boiler Efficiency is a relationship between energy supplied to the rice mill boiler machine and energy output received from the boiler.what is the design efficiency of a grade A boiler?In general, the design efficiency of a grade A boiler is generally higher than 95% in ZBG.

Chemical gas rice mill boiler machine 4 tons the amount of how much natural gas: Chemical how much gas boiler 4 tons of natural gas amount? 4 tons of natural gas steam boiler at run-time, one hour 0.92 / 8600 = 303 after 240 million cards / gas consumption. Square flash boiler and a new cooling technology, the installation of flue gas condenser, improved softening tank water temperature to achieve a 10% saving. The thermal efficiency of 100% or more. Therefore, in theory, natural gas boiler 4 tons per hour of gas consumption is 303-303U, 0.1 ~ 272.7m. Even already know the chemical plant four tons of natural gas, gas boiler may be blurred in the algorithm.

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