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Regular inspection of rice straw as boiler fuels 1, external inspection, usually once a year, this test is in the operating state of the boiler, check the safety accessories, automatic control instruments, protection devices are sensitive, reliable; joints with or without compression component leakage phenomenon; also check the relevant rules and regulations in particular the management of water quality and the implementation of the rules and regulations established. Check the contents of the existing concrete visible external inspection requirements. External inspection has a direct role in preventing accidents. 2, the internal check: every two years a transfer. This test is to conduct a comprehensive internal and external boiler inspections to stop running in the boiler state. The main defect inspecting various boiler heating surface forming operation, such as wear, corrosion, fatigue, deformation or the like, but also to check the security status of the attachment. Specific requirements visible check the current national regulations. 3, hydrostatic test: general once every six years. That can not carry out internal inspection of boilers, pressure test every three years. 1) hydrostatic test pressure should meet the following: the name of the boiler working pressure P test pressure boiler 0.8MPa1.5P, but not less than 0.2MPa boiler 0.8-1.6MPaP + 0.4MPa boiler> 1.6MPa1.25P any pressure superheater the same test pressure boiler body and separable any working pressure economizer 1.25P + 0.5MPa2) and the hydrostatic test requirements of the basic steps: the boiler pressure test, pressure should slow down. First, the cabinet lead off the burner, it can not work. When the pressure rises to the pressure of work, should be suspended boost, check for leaks and other anomalies, and then boosted to the test pressure. Boiler should be maintained for 20 minutes at the test pressure, and then down to the working pressure checked. During the inspection the pressure should remain unchanged. Hydrostatic test shall be carried out when the ambient temperature is higher than 5 ℃, antifreeze measures must be less than 5 ℃. Water pressure test should be maintained above the dew point temperature of the surrounding surfaces to prevent condensation boiler, but it should not cause the high temperature vaporization and to prevent excessive temperature stress, is generally 20 ~ 70 ℃. 3) passing the test pressure condition: 1, there is no pressure on the walls and the weld metal element and the mist droplets; 2, when the working pressure drops mouth inflation does not drip; 3, hydrostatic testing, no residual deformation was found.

Since the Shanxi provincial government issued "on the issuance of the People's Government of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province to win the Battle of Blue Sky's three-year action plan", cities are actively responding to priorities and deployment. Jiexiu municipal government related departments have carried out remediation phase out coal-fired rice straw as boiler fuels.

Future, Jiexiu City departments should fully understand the situation of air pollution prevention and control of the seriousness and urgency of initiatives to further strengthen the work, work harder to accelerate the phase-out of coal-fired boilers; comprehensive investigation to the use of coal-fired boilers, find out coal-fired boiler unit, boiler type and capacity, device status, etc. and establish a sound accounting boiler, cleaning up coal-fired boiler plant are out of range, so that base clear, the situation is clear, should be eliminated to make sure that eliminated; to clear objectives and tasks , responsible units, measures, in accordance with the time node in an orderly way, and effectively perform their duties, earnestly implement the clean alternative heat sources, the removal of coal-fired boiler with a new energy escorts to carry out work at the same time; to actively coordinate electricity, gas sector, as coal-fired boiler users to implement clean energy transformation provides safeguards to ensure that coal-fired boilers out of the objectives and tasks completed on schedule, and improve urban air quality, and gradually improve the quality of life of the masses.

1. The type of rice straw as boiler fuel scale type of boiler scale (1) an alkaline earth metal scale: comprising calcium as a main component of scale, scale such as calcium sulfate, calcium silicate scale, calcium carbonate scale and the like, magnesium as a main component, such as hydrogen hydroxide scale, dirt and other magnesium phosphate. (2) the dissolved iron: comprising iron as a main component of scale, dirt iron oxide, iron silicate and a dissolved iron phosphate scale. (3) Aluminum scale: aluminum as the main component is a scale, such as aluminum silicate scale. (4) Copper scale: copper as a main component is a metal of scale. Calcium sulfate scale hard and dense, low pressure in the boiler arrangement, mainly in the form of gypsum or hemihydrate precipitate is attached; in the boiler body, in the form of an anhydrous compound precipitated attachment. Calcium silicate scale mainly in the larger heat load boiler heating surface is formed, which precipitate as wollastonite, large scale hardness, poor thermal conductivity, can be firmly adhered to the heating surface. Carbonate scale have different characteristics, it may be both hard scale, and may be soft water residue. When the boiler water evaporated weak, often carbonate crystals precipitated into a hard scale. When the furnace violent boiling water, carbonates and often precipitate water residue. Magnesium hydroxide and magnesium phosphate easily adhere to the wall of the boiler, the formation of secondary scale. Most scale component is an alkaline earth metal scale (90%), as well as iron scale, scale aluminum, copper, dirt and other organic and metallic corrosion products and the like. By scale formation procedure can be divided into two types: one is a scale salt impurities formed by direct crystallization of the heating surface; one easily adhered slag heating surface, secondary scale again. Slag is divided into two, in addition to a water-slag easily adhere to the heating surface, the formation of secondary scale is difficult to remove by mechanical means, but there is a slag flow state was difficult to adhere to the heating surface in execution a method in accordance with the sewage discharged.

How to buy gas hot water rice straw as boiler fuel has been well known that the major manufacturers in the boiler is always an indispensable source of power and heat supply equipment, gas hot water boiler Take the recent strong performance and good applicability is widely used . Over the years professional and efficient gas hot water boiler in various industries tirelessly to function with. And the market is good debate about the gas hot water boiler which company has also been going on, so small series and now just want to write this article focuses on how to choose the next to good quality gas hot water boiler equipment. First, understand the manufacturer's technical resources background first a reliable gas hot water boiler must have come from the industry, the more prestigious manufacturer of hand, because there are only very reliable resources and a strong technical background to complete this large-scale equipment development, and manufacturing. Therefore, to take a good look at content producers in the introduction of gas hot water boiler. Second, understand the specific device performance and functionality at the same time in order to allow a selected gas hot water boiler qualified for their job needs, we put in some effort to fully understand its performance characteristics and features of the gas hot water boiler, in addition to the process to find the most suitable equipment outside, but also further determine the boiler brand of professional level. Third, the reference area of ​​practical application reputation feedback device other a more mature market, common gas hot water boiler must be a large number of users, then these people are distributed in all walks of life of the production line of the device must have its own evaluation, the evaluation information can actually be more a more complete picture of the characteristics of a gas hot water boiler. Concluded that the election to the excellent quality of a gas hot water boiler is a prerequisite to ensure normal production, and thus to understand the technical background of its resources in the boiler manufacturers have production, and to understand the specific performance of the gas hot water boiler and equipment features, of course, have the reputation of this reference gas hot water boiler in the actual production of the first line to get feedback.

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