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The problem of Feed-water for Boiler in Thermal Power Plant

Large and medium-sized boilers in the power and heat industries have high economic losses due to high operating parameters, and the original boilers are smashed. The social impact is huge. Therefore, the water quality of boiler feed water is particularly high (water quality required for power plant boilers, resistivity) >5 MΩ.CM, SiO2 <20 μg/L). In general power plants and thermal centers, water plants are set up to treat boiler feed water.

Industrial sandy hark boiler saless which brand of good? Industrial boilers which brand of good? In general, which brand is good or bad, first of all depends on what you need at what price, what the purpose of what electricity is purchased, industrial, community central heating, school or personal needs. Also choose to import domestic or imported. Currently boilers more brands, domestic less initial investment, but life is not long, the initial investment is slightly larger imports, but use more energy-efficient, relatively long life. For customers to know before buying a boiler for domestic and foreign brands of the boiler it is necessary. Imports: Germany, Palmer leishi, United States Wilma, Dukakis. Joint venture are: fast boiler, Costa boilers, boiler-East, Fulton, made in China are: Shun boilers, boiler BRIGHT, Tyan Shan pot, buffalo boiler.

Why one condensing sandy hark boiler saless using two return structure? 1, the third heat exchanger return tube small share of smoke, while the manufacturing cost is high; 2, is arranged as a third return pipe tobacco, the boiler shell diameter increases, the manufacturing cost increases; 3, the third return pipe tobacco external heating surface arranged in the form of low manufacturing cost, easy to implement and good heat transfer.

Around at 10:12 on February 28, 2019, Zhangjiakou City Chabei Management District Kai Austrian Energy Management Services Ltd. Taiwan 15 tons of steam biomass sandy hark boiler sales drum due to the control zone tearing a serious accident, killing three people the death of four people were injured.

Currently seven injured in hospital emergency treatment, cause of the accident is still under investigation, rehabilitation disposal is also an orderly manner.

Heartbreak is that similar incidents happened from the last time, only 28 days.

At 15:30 on January 2019 May 2009 55 points, Zhangjiakou City Hall Ltd. Hong Mei generating boiler scalding accident, three people were killed and one injured.

Boiler special equipment is clearly defined our country, whether it is manufacturing, purchase, installation, operation or maintenance, have strict operating guidelines. Now many have adopted new boiler intelligent control, operational safety compared to conventional boilers, more convenient; but that does not mean foolproof, vigilant and master the correct method of application, in order to minimize accidents frequency. After all, the cost of each accident are living lives.

Recalling these events boiler explosion

March 3, 2014, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, a steam boiler explosion. Boiler plant razed to the ground, surrounded by multi-family residential buildings, factories affected by the explosion were destroyed. According to the injured introduction, cause of the accident may be due to faulty boiler and pressure control instruments not work, the pressure continues to rise, leading to an explosion.

November 15, 2014, Wangcun Daiyue located in Tai'an City, congee shop offices under Daiyue Xiaoxiang Court Food Co. boiler explosion accident caused part of the building collapsed, the scene four different degrees of harm employees .

About 5 minutes, packaging wood factory near Jincheng territory of Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, south of the village of Hope Town boiler explosion occurred at 9:00 on January 24, 2016.

February 28, 2016, after the city of Hebi in Henan Province Junxian Pi Mao Shan Street office building energy source of the village cents Ltd. boiler explosion occurred, resulting in many injuries and death.

May 12, 2016, hurt Fengxian Plastics Corporation boiler explosion occurred, resulting in many casualties.

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