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simons boiler vs 600 120 kw

Summary terminology simons boiler vs 600 120 kw 1, rated thermal power: rated conditions, heat boiler per unit time can be provided, typically expressed in megawatts (MW) or kcal (Kcal / H). ≤1.4MW boiler thermal efficiency, exhaust temperature is not higher than the inlet temperature of the medium 50 ℃. Thermal efficiency> 1.4MW boiler, the exhaust gas temperature not higher than 170 ℃. 2, the cycle of water: boiler water circulation system, the amount of water recycled. Circulating water boiler G = Q * 0.86 * 10 ^ 6 / ΔtQ: boiler thermal power units (MW) Δt: access to water temperature, 3 atm unit (℃): under standard atmospheric pressure at sea level, is 101.325KPa . Pressure: atmospheric pressure higher than normal atmospheric pressure. Vacuum: air pressure below standard atmospheric pressure. 4, heating surface: the surface of the heat transfer medium to absorb heat from the heat medium, such as a boiler furnace, cylinder, pipe, etc.. Radiation heating surface: the radiation heat receiving surface mainly absorbing heat from the heat transfer manner exothermic medium, such as a water wall furnace, the drum abdominal wall. Convection heating surface: mainly convective heat transfer from the high temperature flue gas absorbing manner heating surface of heat, smoke is generally flush heating surface, smoke pipe, convection banks and the like. 5, the thermal efficiency of the boiler: the percentage of the effective use of heat boiler and the fuel consumption per unit time of heat. The higher thermal efficiency, better heat transfer performance. 6, steam quality: cleanliness steam, saturated steam is generally more or less saturated with trace amounts of moisture, with the difference between the steam quality than the standard amount of water. 7, fuel consumption: the amount of fuel consumed by the boiler per unit time. 8, emissions: the amount of sewage discharged boiler blowdown. 9, the natural circulation: relying on the furnace decreased working fluid between the tube and the density difference between the riser furnace actively promote water circulation boiler drum, the drum is recycled back route, the downcomer, the header, the riser pipe, tubing, etc., is introduced soda composition. Forced circulation: boiler water or steam to not only water vapor density difference as a driving force, but also provide some external pump power to circulate in the heating duct. 10, small boilers: water volume ≤50L, and ≤0.7MPa rated steam pressure steam boilers; Rated water pressure does not exceed 0.1MPa water pressure hot water boilers and hot water boilers.

Combined with "263 Action Plan" introduced in Jiangsu Province, improve the ecological environment quality, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province High-tech Zone Branch Market Authority xixiashu again organize the use of coal-fired simons boiler vs 600 120 kw units in the area to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

The inspection strengthen the investigation of the case of coal-fired boilers small bathroom, after examination, found that the use of coal-fired boilers within the jurisdiction of the bathroom has been updated for biomass fuel boilers. But when Huaqing Pool bathroom boiler inspection, found that although their water heating boiler has been replaced by biomass fuel boilers, but the phenomenon is still using coal as a raw material existence. Xixiashu Branch inspectors immediately to advise the town of environmental protection departments, and environmental protection departments to strengthen the joint inspection of the bathroom usage boiler safety problems one by one investigation to correct non-compliance.

The difference between water-tube simons boiler vs 600 120 kws and fire tube boilers What is the difference between water-tube boilers and fire tube boiler heating surface is what water tube boiler arrangement more convenient. But demand for higher quality and operational levels, good heat transfer performance, the structure can be used for large-capacity, high-parameter condition, water demand and water tube boilers. Fire-tube boiler because of its small capacity for small tonnage of the boiler. Fire tube boiler was developed on the basis of the advantages of the boiler water and fire tube, it has the advantages of both. Simple structure fire tube boiler, water, a large volume of steam, the adaptability of the load changes, requires less than quality water tube boiler. Currently on the market fire tube (boiler shell) boiler. Compact boilers and pipes buried heating boiler (fire tube). Generally made fast loading boiler, water tube boiler may also be small-capacity loading boiler made fast, easy to transport and on-site installation. 10 tons rarely used water tube boiler, water tube boiler water quality requirements are higher, heating, high thermal efficiency, large quantities of steam, the high boiler quality requirements fire tube, a small heating area, low thermal efficiency, compact structure, small volume, easy to maintain and repair.

Consumed mainly related to gas-fired simons boiler vs 600 120 kw and boiler thermal efficiency of the boiler load both because it has a direct impact and relationship with both, why we have such a specific conclusion. In the actual operation of the boiler, the boiler load should be avoided, boiler thermal efficiency is too low, so as not to affect the consumption of gas boiler.

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