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Steam single drum boiler dealer price normal operation and normal operation of steam boilers and Management Working To do: strengthen the inspection of various equipment and instruments, to maintain the normal water level in the boiler, steam pressure stable, keeping the boiler room tidy, do shift work. 1, boiler feed water and requirements: In order to extend the life of the boiler, fuel economy, to ensure the quality of steam, to prevent scale boilers to cause slag corrosion damage and accidents member, the unit should use "industrial boiler water quality" in accordance with GB / T1576-2008 of provisions, the selected water treatment and oxygen equipment based on water quality and production requirements in the region, did not take reliable water treatment measures, the boiler must not be used. 2, the pot water level: always pay attention to the pot water level changes, to keep the water level within the normal range of ± 15mm can not be below the minimum level or above the highest water level in the water table generally slightly shaking phenomena, such as stationary water , the blockage may have a water table, should be cleaned immediately. 3, water table: class rinse water gauge at least once, to ensure that the water level legible, found glass washer leaking steam leakage when tightening the packing, there are two boiler water table, if one of them is damaged immediately shutdown until the repair can continue to run. 4, water supply equipment: Driving in the shift to check whether normal pump, if fault, repair or replace it immediately. 5, gauge: gauge bend should be cleaned once per shift, to view pressure gauge is normally found immediately shutdown to repair or replace damaged. 6, valve Note: a safety valve is normal, lever handle should be regularly carried out exhaust testing, the valve seat to prevent adhesions. 7, shift: To ensure safe and reliable economy class, fireman really good job following work should shift: (1) take over the boiler room fireman to arrive within the specified time, do succession prepare. (2) the shift fireman to do: boiler steam pressure and the water level is normal. Stable combustion in the furnace. Each device is operating normally. Each boiler accessories (including piping, valves, meters) safe, sensitive and reliable. Boiler room clean, tidy and well-lit. (3) To fireman serious and responsible to do the work and make shift operation records.

For the continuous improvement of the province's environmental air quality, enhance people's happiness index, Henan Province Government Office issued the "2019 campaign of air pollution control implementation plan." Details are as follows.

1, to carry out special treatment industrial furnaces

Based on the melting furnace, the melting furnace, sintering machine (furnace), roasting furnace, a heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, a drying furnace (kiln), coke oven gas furnace 9 categories, to carry out an intensive investigation, the establishment of industrial furnaces Details inventory management, enhance the implementation of classification regulation. Not included in the investigation of industrial furnaces list, all included in the autumn and winter peak load shifting discontinued inventory.

2, to carry out clean alternative

Of coal, petroleum coke, residual oil, heavy oil as the fuel of a heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, a drying furnace (kiln), and actively promote the use of natural gas, electricity and other clean energy and the use of plant waste heat, heating power plant and the like instead.

3, to carry out comprehensive improvement of industrial boilers

Before the end of October 2019, in addition to undertaking tasks and will not have the alternative livelihood conditions, the province's basic complete 35 steam tons / hour boiler clean energy transformation or removal of coal-fired. Transformation methods include the removal, an alternative central heating, gas coal, coal to electricity, use geothermal, wind, solar, biomass with a bag filter. Chaigai on schedule to complete the coal-fired boilers, based on 40,000 yuan / tons of steam prize money up. Forbidden to use has been shut down and eliminate waste coal-fired boilers to cash rewards and subsidies.

4, strengthen upgrading gas-fired boiler

Before the end of October 2019, the provincial municipality and county (city) district built more than 4 tons of steam and low nitrogen gas boiler complete transformation after transformation, soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions are not higher than the concentration of 5,10,50 mg / cubic meter.

5, strengthen upgrading oil-fired boiler

Before the end of October 2019, the provincial municipality and county (city) district built more than 4 tons of steam and fuel (including alcohol-based fuel) boiler low nitrogen complete transformation after transformation, soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emission concentration is not high in 10,20,80 mg / cubic meter.

6, vigorously promote urban central heating

Full use of existing resources and central heating facilities, the existing large-scale heat sources and central heating pipe network in the area, in-depth investigation heating demand, and promote the rich heating capacity extends to reasonable radius and root out the potential heating, heating reduce blind spots. Before the end of October 2019, Zhengzhou, Anyang, Jiaozuo, Puyang City, built-up area of ​​central heating penetration reached more than 90 percent, Xinxiang City, central heating penetration reached more than 85%; Luoyang, Xuchang, Jiyuan City, central heating penetration reached 3 more than 80%; Sanmenxia central heating penetration 75% or more; unsealing, Pingdingshan, Hebi, 4 Zhumadian City, central heating rate of 70%; Luohe, Shangqiu, Nanyang 3 City central heating penetration reached 60% .

After the low nitrogen gas single drum boiler dealer prices also need to do a professional transformation maintenance it? The purpose of the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler, is a transformation measures carried out taking into account the environmental benefits of boiler operation basis. After the low nitrogen gas boilers also need to do a professional transformation maintenance do under normal circumstances, the transformation is complete, do a discharge test, to detect the transformation of compliance with standards;? Put into operation after the transformation is complete, nitrogen oxide to be done again emissions testing to ensure normal operation, the normal and orderly discharge. Next, remove the boiler during operation in this regard, the need for regular repair and maintenance, on the one hand to avoid abnormal operation of the boiler, that is not timely phenomenon, on the one hand because the quality is not up to avoid boiler or other causes damage or corrosion and other phenomena, security risks. In short, both before the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler or after maintenance work can not be ignored, but also to ensure the safe operation of the boiler an important task.

What structure and principles of industrial single drum boiler dealer prices in particular? What structure and principles of industrial boilers in particular? Industrial boilers has become the hottest on the market boiler boiler. Whether it is gas or gas hot water boiler steam boilers, gas boilers generally use natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and city gas as a fuel gas fuel. First, the working principle of gas steam boiler: the furnace and the combustion heat of the fuel gas steam boiler, heating pot of water evaporated into steam. Water pan (drum) in the furnace gases are fuel combustion energy released continuously heated, increasing the temperature and pressure steam is generated. When the boiling point of water increases with increased pressure, is sealed pot, the pot water vapor expansion is limited, and therefore the thermodynamic pressure (strictly speaking, water steam boiler). It is widely used as an energy source in the drum, the water is heated and vaporized again to saturation. Second, gas steam boiler basic structure: gas steam boilers and boiler drum consists of two body parts protection, instrumentation equipment, automatic control and protection system of continuous safe operation of its composition. This boiler water wall boiler drum boiler drum in the zoning arrangement, the first two return pipe fireworks smog chamber back to the drum. Connected between the drum and the tank, with water-cooling pipe and the downcomer, which constitute the framework of the combustion chamber. The pot is provided at the top with a steam water separator, to reduce the amount of water extracted from the steam. The bottom of the pan heating surface of the drum, and fireworks waterwall tubes.

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