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It provides fast side of small boiler of 4 ton capacity price equipment, installation and commissioning after all normal, we immediately put into use, the hotel did not delay the normal heating. Meanwhile boiler capacity, energy efficient, fully able to meet the needs of heating and bathing water in our hotel rooms. --customer feedback

Old design small boiler of 4 ton capacity price for hospital

New design Boiler for hospital

Henan gas small boiler of 4 ton capacity price which happens in the operation can be divided according to different situations: abnormal water level, Priming, abnormal combustion and the pressure member damage. 1, Henan gas boiler water level anomalies (1) Water Shortage Accidents: When Henan gas boiler water level drops below the minimum allowable level, said the water shortage, water scarcity is divided into mild and severe water shortage, severe water shortages Henan gas boiler, resulting blast furnace tube, if not handled properly, Sheung Shui in the case of a large number of tubes and pipes red-hot pot, a large amount of steam when the water pipe, or drum in contact with red-hot furnace, air pressure suddenly soared, gas boiler will result in Henan blasting accident. Therefore, a serious water shortage in Henan gas boilers, non-Sheung Shui to the boiler, take emergency shutdown measures. (2) filled with water accident: the water level in the boiler water level exceeds the maximum permitted, shocks occur within the steam pipe severe. 2, a gas boiler Henan Priming Priming is characterized by dramatic fluctuations in the water table level, water from the foam pan, with a large amount of water steam, water hammer occurs in severe duct occurs mainly soda boiler water is Priming salt content is too high .. 3, Henan gas boiler combustion anomalies (1) overpressure accident: the working pressure of the boiler run time exceeds the maximum allowable working pressure, overpressure when severe, can cause boiler explosion. (2) secondary combustion: rear of the boiler deposition of combustible material, re-ignition combustion phenomenon known as secondary combustion. Secondary combustion air preheater or accident can burn induced draft fan, severe cases can totally destroyed the rear of the boiler. 4, damage to the pressure member (1) Henan gas boiler tube Blasting: Blasting significant noise when blast furnace tubes, steam spraying sound while the water level decreased rapidly, the pressure decreased, blast furnace tube is bad or not at all to a treatment to carry out treatment, causing the furnace tube fouling or corrosion caused .. (2) Henan gas boiler furnace explosion: the concentration of combustible material in the furnace and air mixture reaches the explosive range, the furnace explosion or detonation encountered fire occurs. When the furnace explosion, flames from the ignition hole of the boiler, the water spray out hole, etc., easily hurt, blast furnace will cause the collapse of the furnace wall, boiler damage and a serious threat to personal safety.

First we have to understand what kind of small boiler of 4 ton capacity price condensing boilers belong to, what does it do and performance advantages.

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