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Noun interpretation shell small capacity water heater boiler shell type boiler basic structure is the double jacket structure. Called outer cylindrical boiler shell, called the inner furnace tube (fire tube), the space between the inner ring, an outer tube filled with water, and the inner cylinder combustion chamber. When the medium pressure vapor, by the internal pressure of the boiler shell, furnace subjected to external pressure. Shell boilers and discrete and horizontal. The most commonly used fuel, gas boiler WNS horizontal internal combustion shell boiler. Shell boiler has the following characteristics: 1, containing water "pot" and light a fire in the "furnace" are contained in a housing - housing pot; 2, metal hearth (furnace) a small volume, surrounded by water, cooled extent, poor combustion conditions, must burn the fuel quality; 3, less heating surface, heating power or a small amount of evaporation, often water or pyrotechnic means to increase the heating surface tubes and the boiler capacity; 4, potshell larger diameter casing, open more porous, irregularly shaped, it is connected to the inner portion of the heated portions together from heat, temperature and the degree of thermal expansion, and thus the security housing is poor; 5, the boiler system is relatively simple structure, easy to transport installation, maintenance and inspection operation management .

Earlier this year, fast Boiler successful bidder Guan China Fortune Foundation Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Gas small capacity water heater boiler tender offers to other companies low nitrogen gas pipe 80 tons of steam boilers and steam 40 tons each in Taiwan, with the use of 1.5 million square meters to meet the heating demand. The introduction of various environmental policies throughout the country to improve environmental protection in all walks of life. Among the improvements, the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions as the primary problem.

Necessity hydrostatic test before the gas hot water small capacity water heater boiler / steam boiler operating gas: gas hot water boiler steam boiler or gas components by each group after installation is finished, after a long-distance transport, handling, installation, and will inevitably collide damage, it is necessary after installation to conduct a pressure test. Practice has proved that, by the boiler pressure test to discover defects promptly take appropriate measures in order to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

Whether specific differences between different types of alarms and gas-fired small capacity water heater boilers need a gas boiler, which is a common and popular types of boilers, but also the product website, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, because the only way to correct and reasonable use of this kinds of boilers, and make good use of the product effect, so that full use instead of wasted product. 1.6 tons of gas boiler, whether there are requirements on the consumption of natural gas? 6 tons of gas boiler, which is used to generate steam, if so, which generates between gas consumption and the tonnage of 1 ton steam boiler, from a professional point of view there is no relationship, is to look at the main boiler feedwater pressure and temperature, and, that there is a corresponding formula, depending on the furnace and different work efficiency, it is going to get a different result, therefore, to have a correct understanding at this point, can not go wrong. 2. purchase gas boilers, mainly to see what? It is necessary to install an alarm device? Buy gas boiler, which is an important task, and is an important aspect of this kind of boiler, it can not be ignored and careless treatment, because if contempt and careless treatment, then there will be the wrong choice, then, affect the product normal use, and resulting in product wastage and economic losses. Therefore, these conclusions will have, and the above requirements must be strictly enforced. In which the selection is to consider whether a discharge requirements, the type of gas used, the thermal efficiency of working fluid required, as well as hot water or steam to. The gas boiler, if the standard reference GB50041 "boiler design" is the need to install the alarm device, in particular, the concentration of combustible gas to install the alarm device, but also a boiler room of its specific requirements. And whether the type 3.SZS WNS-type gas boilers are different? From a professional point of view, the WNS and SZS type type gas boiler gas boiler Both models are compared, there is a significant difference, because SZS type gas boiler is a double boiler barrel vertical water-tube boilers, WNS type boiler for gas horizontal three-pass boiler tube fireworks. Further, SZS type gas boiler is mainly less than 10 tons of gas boiler, gas-fired boiler is mainly WNS type of gas boiler 10 tons, are in tonnage, structure and properties are significantly different.

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