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In the analysis of boiler water treatment of common problems at this stage, the boiler has been widely used in the production of life. During use, if the boiler water treatment shall not be treated, it will have an adverse impact on the management of the boiler. In the process of the implementation process of the boiler water yet there are some problems, the problem only for boiler water treatment produced a comprehensive analysis, to explore effective measures, to be able to guarantee the smooth boiler management system, long-lasting run down. Here frequently asked questions boiler water treatment for detailed analysis. The most common problem is not implemented boiler water treatment. Currently, some boiler due to the relatively small capacity, or is only used in the winter and often do not get people's attention, and those who manage small boilers tend to experience boiler water treatment is not enough, there is no implementation of small-scale boilers in the boiler management process efficient boiler water treatment, making the boiler fouling or corrosion phenomena occur, over time caused serious impact on the management of the boiler. Boiler water treatment method improper. There are many business units to be able to save more spending process will often take unscientific method of boiler water, boiler water treatment and in the process used in a variety of tools, equipment, etc. also do not comply with the relevant regulations. This approach does not solve the problem of boiler scale and corrosion fundamentally the same time not only caused a waste of energy but also reduce the life of the boiler. Also, if used improperly will play a scale inhibitor for the protection of the boiler opposite effect, accelerate the scaling and corrosion of boilers, to the normal operation of the boiler poses a serious threat. At the same time, there is also the problem of boiler water treatment equipment. If the poor quality of water treatment equipment boiler water treatment when used, and water efficiency is not high, they tend to accelerate corrosion and fouling of the boiler. The main reason is the improper use of the resin so that the final oxidation damage occurs; boiler or the inner wall of the iron is not timely, appropriate treatment leads to the occurrence of iron poisoning resin. In addition, many companies do not attach importance to the boiler water pH value. For general type of small steam boiler wooden chips price feed water hardness index it is very important, the level of boiler water hardness tends to affect fouling and corrosion problems later. If the hardness of the boiler water will be such that the higher the water boiler fouling occurs due to evaporation, hot water boilers and, relatively speaking, more susceptible to corrosion. These are some of the common problems at this stage, I think you can make corrections while avoiding disadvantages, create more efficiency.

Core condensing boiler technology: condensing boiler technology core of low nitrogen premix combustion technology: metal fiber premix burner is a low nitrogen gas and the air proportion is completely mixed prior to entering the combustion chamber, combustion of natural gas, while reducing the air demand, increase the dew point of the flue gas, the flue gas is condensed into the early stage, in order to further improve the combustion efficiency; while reducing the flame temperature to reduce generation of NOx, the NOx emission at the lowest operating conditions can be controlled to below 40ppm.

When the boiler, paying particular attention to what the problem: increasingly stringent environmental requirements, many companies before purchasing high-polluting fuel, coal-fired boilers are faced with the shutdown or out of the transformation process. Many companies just purchase soon boiler or well-maintained, no elimination, the transformation process can be carried out directly on the body.

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