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The main method to extend the life of the condensing small steam engine boiler - Regular maintenance: condensing boiler flue gas heat recovery through the use of technology to achieve high thermal efficiency and operational efficiency of traditional boilers can not be achieved, in recent years has been widely loved and accepted by the user and the market. After the user bought condensing boilers not only pay attention to the safety of the boiler running smoothly, but also to carry out regular maintenance, so that the boiler has a more long life. So, when people use condensing boiler maintenance matters which should pay attention to it?

1. Engaged in small steam engine boiler sales and installation at least 5 years

2. Have the ability and team to install and maintain boiler products

The "national industrial energy-saving technologies and equipment Recommended List (2018)" key recommendation "premix wing-type vacuum condensing hot water small steam engine boiler" There is a beautiful name - Thalia T6, through the rational use of the U-shaped smoke tubular, cross-wing type tube design structure, and heat transfer at the same time meet the thermal requirements, reduced to 33% of the entire area of ​​the boiler can be placed in a small area in the boiler room. At the same time the use of advanced industry premix combustion technology, will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to 18 mg / cubic meter, well below the most stringent air pollutant emissions of Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou and other cities 30 mg / cubic meter standard.

Popular Science: gas small steam engine boiler superheater reheater + What is the role? Superheater and reheater is an important part of the gas boiler, both the enthalpy of steam can be increased, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Superheater effect is saturated steam into superheated steam heated to a certain temperature. Action reheater is heated turbine exhaust gas to the high pressure cylinder and the superheated steam temperature is equal (or close) reheat temperature, and then sent to the low pressure cylinder and pressure cylinder in expansion work. Superheater and reheater in the higher temperature working medium gas boiler means, and the superheated steam, especially reheat steam heat absorption (the ability of the cooling tubes) is poor, how to make long-term security of the metallic pipe into a superheated and reheaters important design and operational problems. In the design and operation of the superheater and reheater, it should be noted that the following problems: 1, the operation should remain stable steam temperature, steam temperature fluctuations should not exceed 5 ~ 10 ℃. 2, superheater and reheater have reliable temperature control means, so that the nominal operating conditions can be maintained when the steam temperature changes within a certain range. 3, try to prevent or reduce the thermal variation between the parallel tubes.

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