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Pay attention to gas steam solid fuel boiler slovakia which runs: customer after purchasing gas steam boiler, not sit back and relax, but also need to seriously understand the operation of the boiler starts, the attention to what matters, so you can be more effective in ensuring the long life of the boiler. 1, the cold gas steam boiler working pressure from the ignition rises, boost heating time is about 3 to 4 hours. When the boiler pressure rose to 0.05 ~ 0.1MPa, should wash boiler pressure gauge and water level gauge; when the boiler pressure rose to 0.15 ~ 0.2MPa, the boiler should be shut down air valve and check valve for leaks, measures should be taken if a leak be eliminated; when the boiler pressure rose to 0.2 ~ 0.25MPa, boiler blowdown to conduct a test, when sewage boiler water level should be above the normal water level, and check the drain valve leaks, if the leak should take measures to eliminate; when the boiler when the pressure is raised 0.3MPa, a full review of the fastening member boiler pressure element, such as manholes, hand bolt holes, and check holes of each flange connection is loose, and a tighten heat. 2, the pump checks whether the automatic operation to maintain the normal water level, water level in the "line from the pump" the normal start, the water level in the "stop pump line" pump can be stopped; 3, control pressure is normal, when the steam pressure reaches when the set value, the combustion is stopped, lights overpressure, the pressure is reduced to the set value, the boiler can start automatically; 4, when the load pressure reaches the set value, the fire load due to a small fire, when the pressure drops to set when the predetermined value, the transfer of small fires burning fire; 5, when the pressure can not be set at normal pressure shutdown, the shutdown will alarm the second overpressure shall be restarted; 6, the exhaust gas temperature should not exceed 300 ℃, otherwise, the shutdown should check; 7, when gas steam boiler into normal operation phase, boiler fireman personnel to strengthen the boiler, instrumentation and safety accessories and auxiliary equipment is a monitor, a good job is a boiler and auxiliary equipment inspection tour and in a timely manner fill run record.

Recently, Chengdu issued the "2019 Chengdu air pollution prevention and control action plan" to optimize adjustments programs around the industrial, energy, transportation, land use structure, proposed Yajian coal, pollution abatement, control car cut oil, clean dust, haze rule technology, integrated law enforcement operations as well as six 50 detailed measures.

According to the provincial government issued the goal of improving air quality in 2019, Chengdu PM2.5年均浓度控制在 year 52 micrograms / cubic meter and below, the number of days of good air quality rate of 67.6% and above.

Chengdu six proposed action, emphasizing the Internet technology means to achieve "smart governance gas": First, accelerating into the key source of business to install online monitoring equipment; the second is the full implementation of the wisdom of the site management platform in the city's housing construction and municipal construction site, to build green construction demonstration sites; Third, establish and improve municipal departments emissions inventory information sharing liaison mechanisms and environmental systems City - District - the town (street) three emission inventory liaison mechanisms; Fourth, focus on road vehicle emissions, drawn dynamically updated mobile source pollution maps.

At the same time, promote green industrial development, increase efforts to eliminate high energy consumption and high pollution industries: on the one hand, continue to promote coal-fired boiler, "clear" work; in an orderly way in key areas of old gas (oil) boilers implementation of clean energy transformation; increase industrial furnaces efforts to eliminate non-compliance. On the other hand, the promotion of green travel, speed up the process of rail transit; in public transport, sanitation, landscaping, postal and other fields of new energy vehicles, accelerate the construction of charging (change) station, charging pile.

Domestic small and medium-sized power plant solid fuel boiler slovakia generally adopts the medium pressure -3.82 MPa, 450 ° C or sub-high pressure 5.29 MPa-485 ° C, there is also low pressure parameters such as 2.5 MPa -400 ° C . If it is a condensate turbine for pure power generation, the higher the boiler parameters are, the smaller the boiler tonnage required for generating unit (1MW) electricity will be. If the lower the boiler parameters, the larger the tonnage of the boiler needed for generating unit (1MW) electricity. Medium pressure boiler can match 5 t/H for each MW for user reference, namely 5 mw pure power will need 25 t/H steam, say the pressure is 3.82 MPa and the temperature is 450 ° C.

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