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Pharmaceutical Purchasing steam solid spiral finned tubes boilers needs to pay attention to what pharmaceutical procurement steam boiler boiler needs to pay attention to what is currently used in the pharmaceutical market is quite extensive, so the choice of making more use of pharmaceutical boiler steam boiler, then the following small as we share it is recommended to buy pharmaceutical boiler. Most generally used to disinfect pharmaceutical use in a boiler, dryer, decoction of Chinese medicine, etc., when making the selection, are generally considered to purchase the boiler, operating costs; run hot boiler efficiency; auxiliary boilers configuration; Boiler air consumption and so on. Generally, the purchase price and operating costs of the boiler, mostly inversely proportional. If the quality of the boiler, thermal efficiency, the use of technology, process and so more good then its pre-acquisition costs will naturally be relatively higher, but on the long-term operating costs, these excellent boiler once put into use within two to basically we can achieve this effect within three years back; on the contrary, if the cost of the lowest view of the boiler, there was no short-term run accident went to the choice, once the future problems, the consequences are relatively large. For pharmaceutical factory, its products are closely related with the human body, so when selecting a greater need to consider long-term, comprehensive consideration and analyzed. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that the current technology is the use of boilers, emission standards. Different boiler manufacturers, the use of technology are not the same, good boiler manufacturers use the technology, the standard is often considered relatively high, basically covering various aspects boiler thermal efficiency and emissions and gas consumption and other considerations. For pharmaceutical these institutions is concerned, the cost of boiler operation, efficiency will directly affect the cost of production in factories and production efficiency, etc., it is to say the two are closely related. In short, for the pharmaceutical steam boilers to buy this one, small series that removing price than the purchaser's standing position that we should consider, as well as the overall efficiency of this piece, the perfect combination of the two, might choose to really fit our application easy and quick steam boiler.

Cause damage specific analysis WNS steam solid spiral finned tubes boilers 1, a steam boiler WNS Reasons for lack of water subsidence area, i.e. corridor above the flue gas and a convection tube on the bottom of the drum is always in a high temperature superheated state, the sheet-like portion pearlite-temperature regions of the material will globular pearlite gradually change, phase change results in accelerated creep rate, and decrease the rupture strength, severe over-temperature regions of the material is overheated, the grains of austenite and rapid up, tensile strength abruptly decreases, the inner drum steam pressure causes plastic deformation of the film occurs region, gradually collapse. Partially collapsed scale is iron in steel at an elevated temperature with an oxidizing medium synthesized FeO. Outermost layer of oxide is Fe2O3, is a central Fe3O4, and a metal oxide layer at the junction FeO. Decarburized layer is a high temperature steel decarbonization formation. 2, the causes of boiler tube WNS convection tube connecting the steam drum in the form of a plug-side welding, force is weakest region. Length superheat temperature continues to rise so that the wall strength of the material resulting in a continuous decline. Is generally considered to be higher than 200 ℃ steel significantly reduced elastic modulus exceeds 300 ℃ steel yield strength starts to drop. When the temperature of the steel reaches 350 deg.] C or higher, decrease in yield strength at room temperature to yield the desired strength of 2/3 or less, the maximum temperature of the steel 20 450 ℃. When approaching Griddle boiler, the convection wall temperature far exceeding its maximum temperature, the pressure pot under the action of convection and Tube yielding occurs, and because the hoop stress axial stress is 1/2, the spout in the circumferential It is pulled into an oval shape. Finally, longitudinal cracks take over the angle generated between weak parts in the region of the weld structure and apertures along the bridge. The cracks in the tubes and pipes leak and cause a lot of soda unusual noise, which was discovered by the stove staff.

The party soon provide us with three hot water solid spiral finned tubes boilers output foot, gas combustion, efficiency is very high, for us to save a lot of fuel costs. Moreover, these hot water boiler can be achieved by adjusting the full 24 hours a use hot water to meet the daily needs of old people. --customer feedback

The main advantages of steam as a heat transfer medium is: 1, low cost, wide adaptability, can meet the different requirements of the various pressure and temperature of the heat requirements of the user simultaneously. 2, non-toxic, can be directly heated food, even if drip, nor harm on the environment. 3, a high steam temperature, a large latent heat of vaporization, the heat transfer area can be reduced relative to the hot water apparatus, and reduce costs. 4, small thermal inertia, heat faster when the steam supply, while the cold steam stop something else. Since the heating medium steam condensate recovery is difficult, resulting in waste and water latent heat. Even with condensate recovery, condensate recovery in the process, because water easily dissolved oxygen and other impurities, but also easy to cause harm to the solid spiral finned tubes boilers. Oxygen to the water, salt and other impurities cause boiler fouling, corrosion and other problems affecting the safety and energy efficiency of the boiler.

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