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35 tph ZZ series mid-temperature and mid-pressure coal-fired steam solid waste incineration boiler project for paper industry

Founded in September 2016, Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. is a subsidiary of Rashid Group. The company is mainly engaged in the production of paper products such as writing paper, printing paper and offset printing paper. At present, the company has two independent production lines. With a capacity of 200 tons of paper per day, the company exports high-quality paper to the overseas market. In order to ensure the heat source supply of its production lines, Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. introduced a set of ZOZEN ZZ series mid-temperature and mid-pressure boiler from China. With a design pressure of 3.82 MPa, the boiler can provide sufficient high-temperature steam.

Heating solid waste incineration boiler auxiliary equipment and piping installation requirements What? Heating boilers in which the mounting auxiliary equipment and pipe specifications, and there are some specified requirements. Therefore, the following specifically explain, elaborate knowledge of the content it contains, which allow us to clearly understand that in order to have a firm grasp, and be applied flexibly. Heating boiler, the mounting regulate their auxiliary equipment and piping, it is mainly: (1) for the auxiliary equipment based on the strength of the concrete, is necessary to meet the design requirements, so that it can be securely mounted boiler. In addition, the foundation coordinates, elevation, location and geometry of the bolt holes, etc., but also meet the requirements, so as to. (2) The open boxes, cans and the like, to be installed before the full water test, which is generally filled with water, and allowed to stand for 24 hours to check for leaks or leakage problems, yes, then the test is not by. In addition, the hydrostatic test should be carried out, time is 10min.

Supporting steam solid waste incineration boiler water treatment What are the benefits? There are a lot of people ask ancillary steam boiler water treatment What are the benefits? , Water treatment and the role of large steam boiler, is an important element to ensure the normal operation of steam boilers, now introduce steam boiler water treatment package What are the benefits? No matter what kind of boiler are very high water quality requirements, especially if the user's local water quality check, so have fatal impact on the boiler, and demineralized water treatment play a role, if not handled properly it will cause water steam boilers furring duct obstruction, not only wastes fuel but also cause accidents such as burst pipes, boiler may also cause serious scrapped, if not scale water treatment but also regular cleaning with chemicals every year, this method can effectively moment, but the boiler would have been affected, to cleaning chemicals can corrode the boiler pipes, long-term use of chemical cleaning is very dangerous for the boiler. It is important because the boiler water treatment, water treatment must be certified good job.

Nongfu Spring has been committed to the production of natural and healthy drinking water, only after a simple filtration, without changing the water quality, maintain natural water features indicators, unswervingly follow the environmental, health, natural path of development. Fast solid waste incineration boiler since its inception, focused on research and development of clean boiler design, adhere to the concept of environmental protection has become condensing gas boiler industry leader. The same faith, the same dedication to promote fast boiler and Nongfu Spring work together to create new environmental future.

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