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2019 What should pay attention to when buying a steam some importent part of boiler? How to compare? Because very confusing in the entire steam boiler industry, natural user buying process we need to have a wide range of attention, especially this year, when the user purchases aspects of attention even more, the user buy the equipment when , the need for attention to what aspects of it? First is the need to configure the device to be noted that, since the product's use, which is what kind of performance, and what kind of operation there, and so on, are also subject to configuration.

During installation, the technical team fast some importent part of boiler plant according to the specific needs of our environment, our rational arrangement of stacks, pipes, and other auxiliary equipment, let us bring a lot of convenience in the latter part of the course. Fang fast responsible attitude also gives us impressed, sent a technical team for installation, commissioning and training to us, let us rest assured, peace of mind, peace of mind. --customer feedback

Further, with respect to a conventional some importent part of boiler, the combustion furnace is a more condensed closed, easily discharged flue gas and dust particles, are particularly prone to the phenomenon of gray block. Ash fouling early form of fluff, viscous connection block will occur after absorbing a large amount of acid, to further influence flue gas emissions, to promote the formation of acid, both affect each other, a vicious cycle. So, latent heat recovery boiler is not difficult, how rare is the solution to corrosion and plugging ash. 1, a secondary heat exchanger described formula: in such a conventional smoke vents installed fireplace plus a secondary heat exchanger device, also known as "false condensate." In fact, it is also a way of condensing the late 1980s and early 1990s was the development and use, Europe has been basically eliminated. While there are indeed condensation effect, but the premix and condensing technology currently on the market compared to vary greatly. At present, China and South Korea is part of the manufacturers. Advantages: low cost, rapid business transformation. Disadvantages: the acidic substance and the content of nitrogen oxides, corrosion resistance is poor. Mainly because it does not do a particular aspect of a combustion process in the main heat exchanger, too much excess air may promote the production of a large amount of an acidic solution, severe corrosion member. Therefore, such a condensing boiler even with increased corrosion of stainless steel, but the cost also determines the cost of his resistance to corrosion is very limited, short two condensing heat exchanger life. Which the non-air premix gas ratio, but also allows part of the heat loss. 2, cast aluminum finned coil description:

Three major trends in Henan Boiler Plant Now many market participants believe that the some importent part of boiler industry has become a lack of market competitiveness sunset industry, however, it proved the boiler industry still has a very large market demand as well as a very broad upward room for improvement. So now on the market performance is very good Henan how boiler plant in the future development prospects and trends? First, the development of high-performance products with the requirements of economic development and energy policy, every year the market has a huge number of old boilers do not meet the standards will be phased out. Boiler plant in Henan good quality service in the future development trend is the effort to produce a variety of high-performance products, namely the use of energy efficiency and the level of resources and improve the quality of Shandong gas boiler. Second, the development of environmentally friendly products at present whether national or the general public for the pursuit of increasingly high quality environment, this situation has led directly related to various types of industrial products and improve environmental standards. So the market reaction is a good development trend boiler plant in Henan is the development of more environmentally friendly boiler products, and through continuous improvement designed to make production out of Shandong gas boiler is suitable for a variety of new clean energy. Third, the development of energy-saving products to develop product boiler energy efficiency is another boiler plant in Henan in the next major trends. Which have high levels of circulating fluidized bed boiler combustion efficiency as well as to adapt to a wide range of fuel performance characteristics, has a very good marketing prospects in fast-growing industrial boiler products, it is a very promising development of the type of boiler. To sum up in the future development trend of Henan boiler plant technological advances will be mainly in three aspects, namely Henan boiler plant will be the level of resource utilization should vigorously develop better products energy efficient boiler, while the development of the environmental evaluation the performance is more excellent products, will also be more energy-efficient to develop a variety of related products to enhance the competitiveness of the boiler plant in Henan Province.

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