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• For the boiler supplier is important to understand bio fuel origin and treatment processes as well as the actual ranges of fuel and ash properties

Recently, the Longhai carried out safety campaigns to the boiler, the campaigns start from the four directions, whether units in accordance with the boiler 'boiler safety practices "to use the correct boiler conducted a comprehensive inspection.

First, the unit register in a boiler boiler inspection. The use of units to crack down on unauthorized use of untested or failed the inspection of boilers.

Second, the units are equipped with a boiler if the security officer and fireman personnel. Focus on checking whether the use of units as required "special equipment operator assessment rules," the fireman with security personnel and staff to meet the requirements, and whether the person has made fireman fireman card.

Third, in the boiler unit will be the safety management system, emergency plans to check the system; and to convey the importance of this inspection in the boiler unit, raise awareness of security units.

Fourth, strengthen supervision of energy-efficient boilers, boiler and actively promote energy efficiency testing, at present, boiler energy efficiency testing has been completed a total of 112 units.

To date, the Longhai inspection operations were dispatched inspectors 209 passengers, checked boiler unit 136, check the boiler 168 units, eliminate safety hazards at 9, and urge the use of sealed units to enhance the energy efficiency of boilers 21 units.

And with the Commission by letter, and environmental protection departments to further promote the comprehensive upgrade of coal-fired boiler energy saving project, disable the coal-fired boiler 53 units, 34 units scrapped, replaced by raw material boiler fuel and natural gas fuel of a total of 40 units, is out of the city coal-fired boilers to make a positive response.

Common structure of the steam boiler Henan fast boiler company to introduce a common structure with small series steam boiler. Steam boiler structure is divided into shell type boilers and water tube boiler types. Evaporator heating surface disposed in the main boiler pot shell, called shell type boilers. Water-tube boilers, also known as shell type boilers. Second, the shell type boiler shell type boiler, there are two: one (the ground perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the boiler of the boiler shell) Vertical shell boiler; two pot is a horizontal longitudinal axis of the shell boiler (the boiler shell is parallel to the ground boiler). The former are mainly vertical cross water-tube boilers, water tube boilers of vertical straight, vertical bent water tube boilers and water tube boilers of vertical cross four. The latter mainly horizontal internal combustion boiler and two kinds of horizontal external combustion boilers. 1. Vertical shell boiler (1) Vertical cross boiler water tube boiler from the appearance of such a structure like an upright cylinder, which is configured as shown in FIG 2-2, mainly by the boiler shell, head, furnace, furnace top , lateral compression member and the water pipes and other components cupola. Combustion in two ways: one is a single layer fixed grate, fixed grate one is double. When the boiler evaporation is typically less than 0.5 t / (t / h), a rated working pressure less than 0.4 MPa (MPa).

Xinyang purchase cast iron boiler, which has several things of note that many consumers buy cast iron boiler, because there is no experience skills, do not always know how to get started. Because quite a few models of cast iron boilers, as well as different layouts, different manufacturers, many of whom are still do not know what to buy, and later continued to teach the public to buy a small number of knowledge. First, buy the right cast iron boilers, cast iron boilers need to be clear layout, the equipment should be arranged with the commissioning, should also overhaul, so be sure to be reasonable layout can smoothly. In addition, each cast iron boiler pressure part of the saturated steam, while you are with the process of consuming part of this unit should also pay close attention to when buying a cast iron boiler models, to count good supply and demand and then make a purchase. Then, should pay attention to the one hand, there are a lot of cast iron boiler with a device, there are some good assist effect can be best used to reduce consumption and conserve resources. Therefore, in the days of the purchase cast iron boiler, one or more of these items be sure to pay close attention, in order to buy the right goods, the best use of convenient use.

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