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Around the city to promote the coal to gas project, the major institutions of the heating system put forward higher requirements. Central Conservatory of Music is available to students and teachers clean, safe, comfortable, energy-efficient heating environment, protect the health of teachers and students, to transform the traditional specification of a water tube boiler treatment. Praise fast boiler Willie sharp series obtained in the transformation of low nitrogen boiler major institutions in Beijing, the Central Conservatory of Music in late 2017 with the signing of fast boiler boiler purchase contract, ordered six Willy sharp series V6-99, to for the entire school's heating facilities.

Second, the furnace volume heat intensity of gas-fired specification of a water tube boilers is relatively high. Because of the small pollution of flue gas, the convection tube bundles are not corroded and slagging, and the heat transfer effect is good. The radiation ability of the large amount of triatomic gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.) produced by gas combustion is strong, and the exhaust temperature is low, which makes its thermal efficiency significantly improved.

Gas specification of a water tube boiler furring What are the implications and solutions: the boiler is our life products, and gas-fired boiler is energy saving products, but also by very customer's favorite, but in the use of gas-fired boiler, because the water quality problems, boiler You will furring scale that have any effect on the boiler it?

An consumer from Thailand contacted with our consumer service, and said that he want to establish a set of power plant specification of a water tube boiler, bagasse fuel, cooperated with a sugar factory in the local. And this power plant boiler leader wants to use the sugar factories tones of bagasse fuel to generating electricity and then supply electricity to those sugar factories. Then, he contacted firstly with boiler institution to measure how much tonnes of steam boiler their industrial chain needs. And finally, the boiler institution suggests him to purchasing a set of 36 ton power plant boiler. So, we got contact from this consumer in Thailand. And our boiler engineer accept this case, and then read all paper from this boiler institution. Our boiler engineer said, 36 ton bagasse fired power plant boiler can produce enough steam during generating electricity process. But please make sure, the fuel is enough too.

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