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It provides fast side of boiler equipment, installation and commissioning after all normal, we immediately put into use, the hotel did not delay the normal heating. Meanwhile boiler capacity, energy efficient, fully able to meet the needs of heating and bathing water in our hotel rooms. --customer feedback

The fuel steam boiler 1t h professional discussions and answer questions: one about the kind of boiler fuel steam boiler, I believe, it can be a good understanding of the work carried out by its previous relevant articles in order to become familiar with this kind of boiler. However, as many of its knowledge content, so far, this work is not over yet. Then the following, may wish to continue, so that we all benefit from. 1. Fuel steam boilers, hot water boilers with fuel oil, and oil-fired boiler, what is the relationship? Fuel steam boilers, hot water boilers with fuel, are both belong to this category boiler oil-fired boiler. However, between these two species, there is a certain difference, so can not be equated. As, between it and the oil-fired boiler, should be subordinate relationship. In the specific types of fuel steam boiler can be divided into vertical and horizontal two. 2.6 tons of fuel steam boilers, if you want to produce one ton of steam, then how much to consume diesel? And 2 tons of fuel oil steam boiler, you should configure high-power multi-burner? 6 tons of fuel steam boilers, want to get one ton of steam, then on fuel consumption, if the diesel is the choice of words, it is 64 kg. As for the 2 tons of fuel oil steam boiler, which is in the configuration of the burner, taking into account the thermal efficiency of the boiler, then at least to the choice of 1600 kilowatts burner, so the job.

Gas hot water boiler blowdown resolved at a regular cause of temperature rise boiler blowdown boiler during operation of the essential part, then there will be a lot of people wondering, gas hot water boiler blowdown is a regular temperature rises What reason? Xiao Bian below Zhengzhou party quickly take you to do a simple understanding. During periodic blowdown gas hot water boiler, the discharge is substantially the furnace has reached the saturation temperature of water, the boiler feed water is substantially during low-temperature water, and that in this process, in order to ensure a stable evaporation of the boiler, it is necessary to increase the quantity of fuel, then at the same time at the furnace exit flue gas temperature and flow rate will increase, and therefore the temperature will rise. Then another angle, if the fuel is maintained constant number, then that particular portion of the amount of fuel will be used to increase water temperature, the heat of the steam will be reduced, at this time the furnace flue gas outlet temperature and flow rate did not change, the temperature will rise. Therefore, gas hot water boiler temperature rises in the periodic blowdown is normal, until the end of boiler blowdown regularly, this phenomenon will not happen again when the recovery boiler steady state operation. But one thing to note here, when long boiler on a regular basis to control sewage, excessive sewage may cause loss of heat boiler city, should the boiler feed water is not timely, it is also possible to cause the boiler water shortages, causing unnecessary boiler accident, so exercise caution. Above, is the small series of personal views and opinions, we hope everyone will help.

Seamless steel pipe gas drainage is recommended, to avoid problems during use. Further, each boiler general provisions should have its own separate sewer pipe, and an expansion device connected to the sewage tank or sewage Save. If several boilers binding and excretion tube, closing the valve should be installed at the top.

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