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What is the reason of the rapid development of the gas boiler? As technology advances the efficiency of the boiler equipment has also been upgrading a lot of times, a new generation of gas-fired boilers are research and development costs, mainly energy this equipment from the gas boiler, use only very convenient, but to boil water It has been effectively improved. Today's gas-fired boiler has been applied to many industries, for people to bring efficiency also brings development. In the domestic market in the boilers, gas boilers can be said to have almost replaced other types of boiler equipment, but the main reason is because of their high efficiency and safety of the gas boiler, safety and efficiency are issues the industry will consider when choosing a boiler , fitness of these two gas-fired boilers will be reflected most vividly in the conventional boiler equipment, there have been many problems, to staff their own security and development of the industry have caused serious injury. The advantages of gas-fired boiler itself have very much, but also for the industry to save energy is also very much the industry input costs to a minimum, in the past, the use of staff in the use of traditional boiler equipment, several staff members need to invest in order to control it is for the industry to increase a lot of cost, which is to contain one of the main development of the industry, although the industry also found this, but the reasons behind the technology, which is also very helpless industry.

What is the reason affecting the quality of the gas heating boiler are: gas-fired boiler to replace the coal-fired boiler using a clean heating equipment, widely used in life, the main function is to provide domestic hot water. Gas boiler has antifreeze, anti-dry protection but also the ability to automatically adjust when the temperature is too high, unexpected flameout protection and so on, had done a lot for our security. ? Many families have different kinds of after installing a gas boiler problem is causing the problem occurs when a gas boiler, why heating affect the quality of the gas boiler is the effect of heating the quality of the gas boiler reasons: 1, product quality issues, if buy quality gas boiler, but off for so long can cause problems later use appears generally appear in such controllers, pumps, etc., selection of high quality gas boiler is preferred to avoid security risks. 2, indoor environmental impacts, if checked gas boiler without any problems, then we must consider external factors, the warm temperature of the general level of the home setting, lived in houses as well as the number of layers are facing the impact of the gas boiler the use of reason, but like rainy weather, the housing wall insulation case and so on itself belong to external conditions, once these external conditions change will affect the normal use of the gas boiler. 3, gas boiler and a room thermostat can use the time can be automatically adjusted according to the individual needs of temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving, the other is the use of a gas-fired boiler central heating function means that no matter which room can be selected appropriate temperature according to the needs of individual family members, mainly in the use of shower, bathroom faucet hot water, hot water, etc. as well as the kitchen can be said that the development of gas boilers also ensures the quality of our lives.

To prevent air pollution and ecological damage, protect and improve the environment, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and promote sustainable economic and social development, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province to develop and launch the "Nanjing Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act," played on May 1, 2019 official implementation.

1, the implementation of energy consumption and total coal consumption control and intensity control system. City of total energy consumption and coal consumption control administrative department with the relevant departments in accordance with provincial and municipal energy conservation requirements, the preparation of periodic control energy consumption and total coal consumption embodiment, the Municipal People's Government for approval.

2, high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban prohibits the sale, burning polluting fuels; prohibit new or expanded high-polluting fuel burning facilities; has been completed, should stop using within the prescribed period the Municipal People's Government, or switching to natural gas , liquefied petroleum gas, electricity and other clean energy.

4, petrochemical enterprises should strengthen the recovery of combustible gases. Flaring device should be used to deal with emergencies, not as a daily air pollution treatment facilities.

5, to encourage the production, use, or free of volatile organic compounds less volatile organic content of the feedstock and products. Surface coating, packaging, printing, furniture manufacturing and other industries should use low VOC content of products. Petrochemical and other organic solvent, the company should improve the production process, a low content of volatile organic materials and products.

6, resulting in production and business activities of volatile organic waste gas should be carried out in a confined space or equipment, and the installation of, use of pollution control facilities. Shipbuilding and other production and business activities can not be carried out in a confined space, and building (structure) building routine maintenance of live animals, roads, bridges, etc., should take effective measures to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds.

How to care for condensing gas boiler condensing gas boiler reasonable and effective maintenance, may to some extent, greatly extending the life of the boiler and to improve the safe operation of the boiler index. 1, to be noted that regulate the spacing between the various components. Air inlet and outlet should be located in the rear of the boiler water, the air inlet and exhaust ports should be located at the top of the boiler. For ease of boiler installation, maintenance and inspection, a space in front of the boiler to leave at least 500mm, side, leaving a space of at least 50mm, bottom and top retention least 25cm. 2, the average annual inspections and cleaning once a heating system, cleaning is not complete and does not operate correctly, it will increase the likelihood of damage to the boiler maintenance, therefore, in accordance with the relevant requirements to conduct an inspection and cleaning operation of the boiler, the importance of each year. 3, the filter installation. Before running the boiler, water circulating at least twice to remove impurities in the system, after the operation, the safety vent valve must be opened impurities leaving the boiler, the return pipe system must be installed filters to prevent impurities or sludge blocking system, damage to the boiler. 4, the installation must not forget to install the boiler piping cleaning system, but also to use the neutral acid alkali cleaning agent, and used according to the manufacturer's instructions. This is because the material of the boiler are silicon, aluminum, magnesium, if hot water is added strong acid or alkaline substances, might cause corrosion damage to the boiler. A predetermined boiler water PH value not higher than 8.5 or lower than the long-6.5.5, in strict accordance with manufacturer's instructions using an additive, the additive is added to the mixed raw water can lead to damage. 6, the boiler must be performed prior to use to check whether there is a coaxial flue blockage, if found blockage, treatment should be promptly clear. 7, cold winter season to the boiler antifreeze protection measures. 8, gas leaks and must pay attention to prevention, can ask a professional technical staff to help check the boiler, the average gas hose replaced every two years. 9, under any circumstances, individual users do not disassemble the boiler, to repair or change of use and so on.

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