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steam boiler for corn drying

Note condensing pressure before use horizontal hot water boiler: horizontal hot water boiler using condensing pressure shell type three-pass, all wet back structure. Slight positive pressure of the fuel burned within the furnace, the flue gas temperature in the furnace through the return back into the first combustion chamber flue tube bundle, premenstrual compression smoke box turn 180 ° into a second tube bundle, through convective heat transfer into the atmosphere. As heating, domestic water, providing endless power production and heat.

For a long time, the boiler and burner are attributed to two different sectors each R & D re-combination, but the overall performance of the gas boiler, there is a qualitative impact. Fang fast R & D team after two years, estimates adjusted 300 times, breaking the status quo burner and boiler production separate, optimized depth coupled combustion system and heat transfer system architecture, combined boiler and combustion system, combustion system and successfully developed the depth of the heat transfer system coupled "Euromonitor θ5", so that gas-fired boiler into a complete energy system, to achieve a qualitative leap. "Euromonitor θ5" additional air pre-heater, cold air through the heat exchange tubes and the body opening for the flue gas countercurrent heat exchanger, the exhaust gas temperature is lowered while saving fuel; using a condenser, economizer flue gas heat recovery, thermal efficiency of the boiler can be increased by 10%; the use of FGR flue Gas recycling technology and Ultraten wing technology, improve heat transfer efficiency, emissions of nitrogen oxides emissions standards in line with domestic cities.

Dairy industry boiler

The variety of dairy products occupies a very important position in people's lives. The dairy industry is growing rapidly as people's needs grow.

Maybe people will think condensing boiler maintenance will be very complicated, it is not true, as long as you operate according to the requirements on the instructions, pay attention to some details, maintenance almost, in fact, maintenance is a simple matter. We are not producers, some manufacturers do not know condensing boiler technology, so when condensing boiler is not working properly, we do not try holding the heart to repair, maybe we are lucky enough to fix, perhaps the result will be more confused bad. So, when there is a problem of condensing boilers, we have to ask a professional maintenance staff to help us for inspection and maintenance, do not point that in order to save maintenance costs, often result will be counterproductive, would lose a lot of.

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