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steam boiler in chemical industry in south africa

ZG is a biomass circulating fluidized bed boiler manufacturer and international trader.ZG circulating fluidized bed boiler include energy saving CFB power plant boiler,energy saving type CFB hot water boiler, energy saving CFB steam boiler in chemical industry in south africa and the fourth generation of water-cooling vortex internal separation CFB boiler, of which 75 tons of circulating fluidized bed boiler and 130 ton circulating fluidized bed boiler are the mainstream of the market demand for equipment.

Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as China's key high-tech enterprises, has great influence in the pharmaceutical industry. In early 2017, two-Heron relevant person in charge to get in touch fast boiler, double-Heron Pharmaceutical according to demand, our company to provide a 1-ton split steam condensing steam boiler in chemical industry in south africa, and is responsible for subsequent transportation, installation and commissioning work .

Common thermal efficiency of gas-fired at about 80% -90%, since the exhaust gas temperature at the boiler more than 100 deg.] C, with a lot of heat loss of exhaust gas, it is a waste. Condensing gas boiler is to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler by reducing the exhaust gas temperature, flue gas dew point of 55 ℃ -60 ℃, and the main component of natural gas is methane, a large amount of water when burned above the dew point of the gas, If the exhaust gas temperature is reduced to below the dew point, water vapor in the flue gas will be liquefied in the heat, this part can be recycled heat, it again increases the thermal efficiency of the boiler (flue gases into the cooling water will condense boiler corrosion , requires special corrosion-resistant materials). Usually calculated boiler thermal efficiency is used in the low calorific value, i.e. no latent heat in the flue gas condensing boilers while absorbing sensible heat and latent heat in the flue gas, calculated condensing boiler by Equation thermal efficiency reached 100%, the current maximum thermal efficiency of 108.9%.

How much steam boiler in chemical industry in south africa in some places the price of wine is distilled wine is wine to be distilled means, so customers ask for steamed wine steam boiler steam boiler is brewing for the brewing process is there are a lot of places need to use steam. Visible steam in the brewing process need to use a lot of places. Brewery in the selection process of the steam boiler, there are many areas that need attention. For a lot of products between the various boiler manufacturers to be compared. Recently, there is a wine enterprises to fast boiler consulting, want to buy a steam boiler steam wine, but for the specific model and the price is not very understanding. So, here you need fast boiler technician helped carry out accounting. After the fast boiler technical personnel accounting, concluded that the brewery with a steam boiler 2 tons is possible. Currently, the model price of about 250,000. So, for the price of the wine business wine steamed steam boilers already have a detailed understanding.

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