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Steam boiler scale cleaning program installed on a steam boiler internal syphon 1. The inlet connector, and the outer tube car washing machine is connected, to establish a temporary liquid injection port. 2. with room temperature water to release the sludge dissolved in the cleaning agent with the vehicle, the mixed, injected into the boiler with the lift from the pump inlet. 3. The demand agent concentration reached after washing off the inlet port, opening the boiler circulation pump wash cycle, after about 8 hours, the turbidity increased to 124%, the liquor was discarded, rinse with water until turbidity decreased to 10mg / L. 4. The appropriate agent added acid used in the same manner as rust, cleaning cleaning, the cleaning control index number timing detection process, make a record, according to standardized time to add the desired cleaning agent after 24 hours , the sewage, rinse. The pre-film pre-selected type of membrane treatment, boiler water heated to the temperature was raised to within the desired range, the corresponding pre-dosage drug film, the film pre-treatment circulating, pre-film deposition time is determined according to the type, Various control indicators timing detection during cleaning, make a record. Zheng pot shares Note: To conduct regular water quality testing, reduce the scale, appear to prevent boiler scale, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Recently, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, announced the embodiment of combustion facilities out of the transformation of coal-fired boilers. Continued efforts to implement air pollution control operations, blue sky to win the battle to raise the overall urban air quality, promote the construction of beautiful Dongguan.

Program execution object: the end of 2018 or for the gas central heating has been completed and all coal-fired boilers, furnaces, stove and other combustion facilities within the region.

Remediation program goal: to complete the gas before the end of 2018 has been for central heating or combustion facilities have been built out of regional coal-fired boilers and other renovation work. among them,

1, 2018 May 31, the gas supply has been built up, or central heating coal-fired boilers and other combustion facilities within the region, incorporating the first period regulation, must be completed before the phase-out renovation work in October 2018 31

2, June 2018 period from 1 July to 31 December 2018 for gas central heating area is built up or coal-fired boilers and other combustion facilities within the scope of the regulation into the second period, to be completed by 31 December 2018 out of the transformation.

Program remediation requirements:

1, the boiler must get out of the transformation of the city of Quality and Technical Supervision issued by the migration, retirement, cancellation of certificate or change a new boiler fuel use permit after; furnace, stove eliminated after the transformation of environmental protection must apply the change.

2, central heating is completed, it must use natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electricity and other clean energy combustion facilities outside the area out of coal-fired boilers, etc. after the transformation continued use.

3, central heating boilers planning area must use the central heating (gas) after the completion of the heating zone, will not have the heating conditions can use natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electricity and other clean energy as a transition.

4, into the "scattered pollution", high pollution and high emissions from industrial boilers and enterprise-wide to be eliminated.

5, for failure to complete boiler or eliminated within the rectification period, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations and strict enforcement of its Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau will be canceled.

4.Mongolia CFB boiler for chemicals and allied industry

5.260 t/h High pressure CFB Boiler in Indonesia

Causes of large Resistance and insufficient Air supply in Oil-fired Hot Water Boiler systemThe hot water boiler system has great resistance and insufficient air supply: the reason is that the fuel particle size is mixed, the pulverized coal occupies the block coal gap, and when entering the grate, it is squeezed and dense by the gate, and the permeability is poor. First, the mass coal cannot be burned through, and there is still a red fire when the slag is discharged. Burn the slag blocking parts, slag carbon content is high; Second, coal leakage is serious; third, large resistance, increased blast, induced fan load, high power consumption. The furnace temperature is low, the coal quality is poor and the combustion condition is not good, the furnace temperature is low, sometimes even extinguishes, a large amount of unburned matter and ash powder blockage the economizer and air preheater, which causes the furnace to be in positive pressure combustion. Arrangement of part of reheater heating surface in hot water boiler In the region of higher smoke temperature, the heating area required by superheater is greatly increased. In order to reduce the flow resistance of the working fluid flow through the heater and increase the rigidity of the pipe, the superheater adopts a larger diameter pipe. In order to increase the ratio of radiation and heat absorption in the superheater system and make the steam temperature characteristics of the superheater steady, the radiant separator superheater and the semi-radiant rear screen superheater are arranged on the top of the boiler furnace. The separator superheater is arranged in the direction of furnace width, each of which is composed of a small screen, which not only increases the radiation heat transfer, but also prevents the rotating smoke flow to reduce the smoke in the width direction of the furnace into the superheater. The effect of temperature deviation.

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