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steam boiler made in turkey boiler 1000 kg

One of the latest circulating fluidized bed boiler desulfurization devices, limestone powder feeder positions directly under the feed pipe to the furnace to the coal stoker or after, but mixed with limestone powder into the boiler after coal furnace combustion, desulfurization.

The main method to extend the life of the condensing boiler - Regular maintenance: condensing boiler flue gas heat recovery through the use of technology to achieve high thermal efficiency and operational efficiency of traditional boilers can not be achieved, in recent years has been widely loved and accepted by the user and the market. After the user bought condensing boilers not only pay attention to the safety of the boiler running smoothly, but also to carry out regular maintenance, so that the boiler has a more long life. So, when people use condensing boiler maintenance matters which should pay attention to it?

Power outages affecting gas boiler and coping methods: the new building is currently in use gas-fired boilers, and for gas-fired boilers, the fear of the situation, there are two, one boiler damage can not run; Second, it encountered a power outage. If this is the case only to find related companies for debugging, rectification, Qingdao today Green righteousness boiler mainly on the sudden loss of power, response gas-fired boiler.

Chinese Academy of Engineering, pressure vessel and pipeline safety director of the National Engineering Research Center, Dean of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Xuedong academician and we work together to build this high-tech cooperation platform. Xuedong academician in the academic reputation, outstanding talent in the field of technology transfer pipeline.

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