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Meanwhile, the party also fast boiler design automation control systems, temperature, pressure, and other parameters automatically adjust the water level, real-time monitoring anti-smoke temperature, oxygen content and changes in safety interlock, even if unattended, the boiler can function . In mid-January 2019, under the fast boiler joint efforts of all staff, boiler manufacturing is completed, the pipeline project has reached Hwashi ground, and successfully complete the installation and commissioning work. At present, the boiler has been put into the urban underground pipeline construction and maintenance projects in order to contribute to building a better city.

Young fire boiler steps: 1. open-air boiler exhaust valves, control drum water level. 2. Start to coal to the furnace a small amount of coal. 3. Start fan, a fan, to adjust an amount of wind, an amount slightly above the minimum fluidization, the bed temperature was raised to 850 deg.] C when appropriate to increase the amount of wind. 4. When the bed temperature was raised to 600 ℃, stoker bed temperature rise should not cause stoker stop, this time because the material layer may be let go Her Majesty portion of the bed material, according to the operation method for starting the ignition furnace. When the boiler shutdown maintenance, cooling by any rules?

4. Heating

Heating of the office building in the park, heating of the dormitory building also requires the use of boilers, of course, more hot water boilers.

ZG as 70 years horizontal steam boiler non-return valve manufacturer will reply you as follows:

First we must know turbine's inlet pressure and temperature (depend on design ) , mass flow of steam to turbine (for 2,5 MW) and efficiency of turbine (for calculate of exhaust conditions ). Example : 100 MW double exhaust steam turbine need to 160 ton steam boiler at 500 C and 50 bar for high pressure and 40 ton steam boiler at 200 C and 5 bar for low pressure.

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