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Recently, the China Engineering Co., Ltd. hot and fast Boiler Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides of the trust based on good, long-term development strategy for the two sides to consider, powerful alliances, work together to open up the market to achieve a win-win. China Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. is a consulting, design, general contracting, investment, development, management operations in one, involving multiple areas of integrated enterprise. Huare company has a municipal utility industry thermal qualification, professional qualification of city gas engineering, construction industry, construction qualification, design pressure pipeline GB1, GB2, GC2 qualifications, municipal utilities (gas and heating) consulting qualification, by continuously strengthen the quality management, establish a sound quality assurance system, and successfully passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, environmental management system certification.

In ZG Boiler, products likes heavy oil fired steam boiler rpm fan power sells well. In our domestic market, our WNS HFO steam boilers have sold to more than 20 provinces, and we almost sells 5 sets of WNS type per hour. To our foreign markets, we sold our steam boiler to Korea, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Brazil, Canada, Russia, etc. We also needs boiler agents in foreign countries, to expand our market shares.

What better boiler Textile refers to a fiber or fiber assembly of multi-scale structure processing technology textile enterprises. Development of textile technology brought us the biggest impact is our clothes. Textile technology type variety, the laundry production process is also different. But regardless of dyeing, drying, tabletting, sizing, dyeing, shaping and other processes are inseparable from the support and cooperation of steam. Therefore, most textile enterprises will choose to use steam boiler rpm fan powers, textile production processes to ensure normal. Steam is a textile dyeing and finishing, drying, tabletting, sizing, dyeing, stereotypes, such processes are inseparable from the support of power, steam boilers produced steam quality plays a direct product quality after drying and dyeing mills impact, taking into account the steam boiler fuel consumption of the textile industry in general is large, and therefore the textile industry in the choice of a steam boiler, should pay attention to see fuel efficiency, boiler efficiency, steam quality and emissions of harmful substances, high fuel efficiency, high efficiency boilers, steam good quality, less harmful emissions of the boiler, not only can improve textile production textile quality, improve production efficiency, but also reduce operating costs boiler to meet environmental requirements, too. The main square quick steam boiler fueled by natural gas, very clean environment; at the same time using a variety of advanced technologies, such as condensing technology, heat transfer technology wings, FGR flue gas recirculation technology, will greatly enhance the operational efficiency of the boiler, up to 107% above, it is the best option for your mill. You are welcome to visit our company.

How to save electricity when using electric boilerFirst of all, we first find out the power consumption of electric boilers, the main reason is poor insulation performance and improper use. As a result of improper use, the electricity bill will of course be increased a lot. So how should we save electricity? 1, your building indoor height. 2, indoor heating temperature. 3, the direction and number of floors of the room. 4, outdoor temperature. 5, adjacent to the living room heating. 6, Indoor doors and windows insulation effect. 7, the wall insulation conditions. 8, user methods and so on. Then the power configuration of the electric boiler should be reasonable. The power configuration is too big or small, but the power configuration is too large instead No power configuration, more tips. Power configuration is too small, the electric boiler has been working to achieve the set temperature, but also can not reach the set temperature. This is because the electric boiler fills the room with less heat than the room heat loss, the room heating is slow and not obvious, not only waste electricity, but also can not play a comfortable heating effect. People run at low temperatures when they are away. The electric boiler system has thermal inertia, can not be heated up immediately when it is opened, and can not be cooled immediately when it is closed. When you are away from home, turn down the temperature instead of shutting down the system, or shut down the boiler when you are away for a long time. Reasonable utilization of peak and valley electricity. Use of nocturnal valley electricity, with a slight temperature Fine-tuning, can even use a heat storage tank, peak electricity during the day, the temperature down. The house should be well insulated. Good thermal insulation can prevent excessive heat loss, doors and windows can not have obvious gaps, windows had better add double-layer central control glass, wall insulation, energy-saving effect will be very remarkable.

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