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Which electrode will be used for boiler welding? In this way to improve boiler efficiency? Boiler welding, the general use of J422 and J507 two types of welding rod. In order to improve boiler working efficiency, it can be realized in two ways, one is to adjust the operation mode of boiler to reduce all kinds of losses as far as possible, but to increase the steam parameters of boiler properly, and to reduce the water quantity of temperature reduction and sewage discharge.

Should be determined how a small gas steam boiler with waste heat recycle phenomenon occurs when the minimum water level is less than the water level already defined, but still see the water level in the observed water level meter, is determined mild water; the water level when the water level is less than a meter visual when judged as a serious water shortage. The phenomenon outlined listed below: (1) drum water level is less than the normal water level defined; (2) low water alarm, automatic alarms sounded, signal light; (3) the superheated steam to increase the temperature of vapor; (4) the amount of water is not normal, below the steam flow rate value; (5) increase the temperature of vapor smoke emission.

Group R & D Center came to the exhibition hall, Mr. Liu Wei, president listened carefully throughout the various sectors, gathered to watch the exhibition hall to show a number of unique patented quick way of sound and light equipment, and careful inquiry of the current business development and marketing state. Also president of the company's current situation, the future direction of development, all kinds of high-end manufacturing equipment and remote monitoring system with unique features made a quick side centralized reporting.

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