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1, self-heating boiler performance is good, small heat loss.

The reason for consumers to buy high-quality low-nitrogen gas boiler, mainly due to a low nitrogen gas boiler in use, air and flue gas heat treated separately, thus the thermal efficiency of the boiler can be achieved several times normal, fast heating rate to meet the needs of ; and low nitrogen gas boiler also added more measures high temperature, so that it is longer life than ordinary boiler, and this device can be used to meet during a stable heat supply, by means ensures secondary air and fuel gas the full combustion.

V. Installation piping, valves, instruments and accessories

1, the instrument installation should be verified, be installed in the piping, valves, instrumentation drawings, energize the electric pump commissioning.

2, the safety valve should be installed after the hydrostatic test, the safety valve should be installed exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe should be through the outdoor security. Exhaust pipe should be installed in the bottom of the drainage pipe connected to a place of safety. Valve shall be installed on the exhaust pipe and drainage pipe.

3, each of the sewage outfall should be connected to tank or other security, the pipe should be secured to prevent shifting or counter the occurrence of injuries blowdown.

4, the main pipe by the use of units other than the mating valve, the pipeline need to consider the thermal expansion, thermal insulation pipe wall should be.

5, the dial face pressure gauge should be correct, depending on the ease of reading and rinsing; draw red dial face, the boiler shown MAWP, rotating flexible plug should not be leaking, to smooth hydrophobic Table pipe insulation prohibited.

6, only for the manufacturer pipe valve instrument (within the range shown) or the like, the other parts of the users themselves straight pipe. If you have not ordered instrument valves, the factory produced only manufacturer to install non-national standard parts required.

Hot water boiler hot water boiler normal operation and management of the normal operation and management of the boiler running to do: strengthen the monitoring of each operation of equipment and instruments, to maintain full water running, combustion stability, pressure stability. 1, boiler feed water and boiler water required to extend the service life, fuel economy, to ensure the quality of steam, to prevent scale boilers to cause slag corrosion damage and accidents member, using the unit shall GB / T1576-2008 "industrial boiler water" in provisions, the selected water treatment and oxygen equipment based on water quality and production requirements in the region, did not take reliable water treatment measures, the boiler must not be used. 2, fireman must be familiar with and master the position and role of various equipment and valves, boiler water circulation system. 3, should always observe the hot water boiler water temperature and pressure parameters to ensure stable pressure and water temperature, the outlet water temperature alarm should be fitted with devices to prevent the outlet water temperature is too high, resulting in boiling water hammer phenomenon, should always put the steam valve Deflation. 4, before the boiler circulation pump to start, and then renewed furnace, boiler in operation and just a cease-fire, non-stop operation of the circulating pump, in order to avoid water hammer caused by steam. 5, the boiler needs a short shutdown, the shutdown may not immediately stop the circulation pump only when the network feed water temperature drops below 40 ℃ only allowed to stop circulating pump. When put into operation again, it should start circulating pump. 6, the circulation pump is one of the main heating system of the device should be a preparation of a use. 7, always pay attention to changes in pressure, the pressure to keep the pot stable as possible, without rendering the pressure exceeds the maximum allowable working pressure. Pressure gauge elbow should be washed once per shift, in order to maintain the accuracy of pressure gauges, should be checked every year, such as reading a difference of 0.1MPa, should be repaired or replaced. 8, boiler import and export shall be equipped with electric contact pressure thermometer to reliably control the temperature, especially water temperature shall not exceed the specified boiler water temperature specification. Pressure gauge and a thermometer mounted at one side of the boiler should be concentrated. In order to observe and monitor.

Qiaqia Food adhere to "create quality products, spread happiness taste" for the mission, after two years of concentrated operations, increasingly rich product line gradually improve production management system, and improve product awareness, economic and social benefits increase year by year. 2018, Qiaqia plant selector fast fuel gas steam condensing boiler for the production of overseas projects. Fast condensing side fuel gas steam boiler york shipley with a blue appearance color used, overall nice; also has energy saving, small footprint, easy operation, long life and other advantages. For the convenience of local plant operations, specifically on the fast side of the operation panel adds English and the local language (s) in the production of boiler Shihai contact contact order.

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