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How natural gas steam coasting for boiler cleaning? Alkali cooking cleaning method: gas-fired cooking alkaline cleaning method descaling, pickling cleaning effect than the difference method, but since a base boiled loose scale, and therefore difficult to remove with hydrochloric acid for scale before acid pickling may be treated with a base to conduct a cooking method. Alkali cooking method is simple, relatively small side effects. The disadvantage is a long time cooking oven, more reagent consumption, and poor results. Descaling pickling method: gas boiler descaling pickling process using hydrochloric acid or nitric acid, most of the cleaning. Pickling solution by adding nitric acid or hydrochloric acid was added inhibitor of the corrosion inhibitor composition. This can eliminate the acid liquid natural gas boiler scale (scale except when nitrate, hydrofluoric acid to be added), and very little corrosion in the boiler. Descaling pickling has dissolved, exfoliation and slack action. Mechanical descaling method: When a loose scale and slag within the gas boiler, the boiler shutdown after cooling, let go of boiler water, rinse with water after, to use flat shovel, wire brushes, and motorized milling tube is descaled . This method is relatively simple, the scale used for simple, small boilers. However, labor-intensive, ineffective cleaning, easy to damage the boiler.

Shunde main business of special sea oil production and processing, etc., in the course of special oil refining, a large amount of steam required for oil and gas extraction, distillation and extraction technology and other aspects, therefore, the steam coasting for boiler is supplied special sea oil processing technology company Shunde indispensable less equipment. As environmental policy progresses, the chemical industry as more polluting industries are highly valued the various departments of quality supervision, sea Shunde companies to follow the development of the State Environmental Protection pace, choose clean the boiler industry-leading fast Boiler cooperation with the parties by quickly assess the specific needs on-site estimates and sea Shunde, to provide a SZS series of 25 tons of steam water tube steam boiler (SZS25-2.0-YQ).

Responsibilities of a steam coasting for boiler factory in Henan staff positions in the boiler operation, the boiler factory in Henan post responsibility system 1. Henan boiler factory workers at their desks, strict adherence to rules and other relevant rules and regulations to ensure the safety equipment, environmental operation. 2. Familiar with and master boiler construction, performance, understand the ancillary equipment performance, use, and constantly improve the operational level. 3. To do ground inspection, ground inspection, ground maintenance. 4. Henan boiler manufacturers to ensure that each room of the normal supply, power supply. 5. Henan boiler manufacturers to ensure that the sewage once a week, we should always check on each valve, identify problems in time. 6. Henan boiler manufacturers do routine inspection and maintenance of the boiler, ensure that equipment is in good condition, to achieve safe operation. 7. Responsible for environmental health indoor and outdoor, on-time sewage, flushing liquid level, to create a good working environment. 8. Strict implementation of the shift system, fill in the log run. Second, mobile inspection and regular inspection system 1.Henan boiler manufacturers must post inspection tour on time and in accordance with the road map for this post equipment to be checked. 2. When the inspection tour, the main parameters of inspection equipment is normal, abnormal sound, whether abnormal vibration equipment, to the adequacy of the water tank, the combustion condition of the combustion chamber is normal, each control cabinet, the motor is smelly, Is there a flaming phenomenon, and the test results documented. 3. When inspection tour in Henan boiler factory staff positions such as unusual circumstances, should be treated promptly, it can not be processed immediately department heads, and assistance. 4. When the inspection should overalls buttoned cuffs should be fastened to prevent accidents. 5. Henan boiler manufacturer's maintenance personnel, should be strictly in accordance with the relevant system of regular inspection. 6. regular inspection found that the problem should be treated promptly, can not be reported timely processing of relevant person in charge, to schedule as soon as possible. Third, Henan boiler manufacturers of equipment operation and maintenance and maintenance standard 1.Henan boiler manufacturers of equipment before commissioning, technical personnel to study randomized study in detail specification and various other technical data, in-depth understanding of a variety of technical performance of the equipment. After work out procedures and equipment used, the use of the equipment or operator to make the necessary technical training and equipment in order to deliver run. 2. All equipment must be carried out according to the rules and operations is strictly prohibited illegal operation, due to illegal operation or equipment damage caused by illegal command, given the severity of a certain penalty under the circumstances, and a fine deal. 3. The operator must be trained to achieve should be aware of the requirements, after passing the examination certificates. 4. The operator of the device according to the provisions inspection tours, equipment clean and kept clean, was to see the true nature of the problem occurring in equipment operation, should be promptly treated or reported. 5. maintenance personnel Henan boiler equipment manufacturers should be strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations of the equipment for maintenance, the equipment is in good condition.

10 tph WNS series condensing gas-fired steam steam coasting for boiler project for chemical industry

The reaction link of Polymerization of epoxy resin has to be processed at an elevated-temperature, the heat source provided by the boiler is stable or not directly determines the products quality. Anhui Meijia New Materials Co., Ltd. is a fine chemical enterprise that specialized in powder coatings and epoxy resin, polyester resin R&D, production and sales, company listed in 2014 August in new over-the-counter market and it become China's first powder coating listed company.

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