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Chinese Academy of Engineering, pressure vessel and pipeline safety director of the National Engineering Research Center, Dean of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Xuedong academician and we work together to build this high-tech cooperation platform. Xuedong academician in the academic reputation, outstanding talent in the field of technology transfer pipeline.

The steam launch boiler for sale is mainly composed of two main bodies of the shell and the furnace and accessories for ensuring its safe and economical continuous operation, instrument auxiliary equipment, automatic control and protection system. The boiler is a boiler with a water-cooled crucible. Two reciprocating tubes are arranged in the left and right sections of the drum, and the front smoke box at the front of the drum is folded back. Between the drum and the lower box, there is a down pipe and a water-cooled manifold to form a frame of the combustion chamber. There is a steam separator on the top of the drum to reduce the water from the water vapor. The heating surface of the pot is the lower part of the drum, the water-cooled manifold and the pyrotechnic tube.

When the salt content of steam launch boiler for sale water is increased to a certain extent, both of these two factors will make the effect of steam separation worse, and a large amount of steam carries water, resulting in a sharp increase of steam salt content.

Quote steam launch boiler for sale gas boiler and pressure Notes specific tonnage: gas boiler for this kind of boiler, its learning and understanding, can be said to be necessary because of the type of boiler that is both a website product involved, and also the boiler the common and common species. So, this will have specific requirements. Well, since the requirements will be made, and that below, it might be carried out immediately, so that you can also consolidate existing before everyone learning outcomes. 1. gas boiler, which uses natural gas, then, that on the boiler pressure, how much is? Gas boiler, which uses this fuel is natural gas, then the system pressure of the boiler, is in 10-20kPa this range, therefore, on this point, we should have a clear understanding of, and at the same time, it should be keep in mind, in this way can be well controlled within the reasonable range, and thus avoid gas-fired boiler in the course, the emergence of various problems. 2.2 tons of gas boilers, the amount of natural gas it needs per hour, whether different boiler manufacturers, is not the same? 2 tons of gas boilers, the amount of natural gas required per hour, it can be said, for different production boiler manufacturers, is certainly not the same, it can not be exactly the same. So, on this issue, that the answer is yes. However, it is to have a general range is 150-160 cubic meters / hour.

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