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Biomass structure of steem boilers are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Both biomass steam boilers and biomass hot water boilers have high thermal efficiency. But biomass steam boilers are more suitable for paper mills.

Considerations when using the steam structure of steem boilers in order to ensure that we can safely use steam boilers, then come to tell you about a few things in the course of it should be noted, as follows: 1, the steam boiler room near the venue to be equipped with adequate and effective fire-fighting equipment. 2, steam boiler room must have staff on duty 24 hours, the guards take turns, always check the water level in the boiler, ensure more safety line, to prevent dry cause an explosion. As explosive flare up in places of work, you must obtain a hot work permit, and fire precautions to spare before hot work, to let someone on duty when the flare, flare up at any time to observe the situation. 3, non storage container filled with flammable gas in the boiler room. 4, steam boiler room staff must hold a certificate for employment, and proficiency in operating boiler technology, with some discovery and cognitive abilities of security risks. 5, in accordance with the instruction manual boiler boiler safety inspection on a regular basis, careful investigation should be checked every insecurity. 6, the distribution line is provided a steam boiler room need to wear a metal tube or unfired hard plastic protective tube, separately installed outside the switch box in the boiler room, so that people from off to prohibit the use of defective fuses. To sum up, it is about the use of steam boilers should be noted that some of the issues related to the introduction, in order to ensure everyone's safety, when it must be noted that the use of those mentioned above, to avoid security risks.

Comfortable life of people is inseparable from the northern winter heating structure of steem boiler, normal, stable heat source is vital to people's lives. But the attendant is an increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, the implementation of coal to gas policy without delay, using the gas hot water boiler is the general trend. In order to achieve green heating, the National Tourism Administration Service Center decided to phase out the existing coal-fired boilers, the introduction of clean and environmentally friendly gas hot water boiler. Fast boiler with their own strong comprehensive strength and rich experience in the heating industry cooperation gained the trust of the National Tourism Administration Service Center, and ultimately provide a vacuum hot water boiler (T6-2800 2 sets of 2.8MW by fast Boiler ).

Fuel oil consumption steam structure of steem boiler thermal efficiency is calculated with the standard: on fuel steam boilers, this A boiler awareness and understanding, that is, learning of their work, have already begun, and so that we can promptly familiar with the website, which can be used to recognize different kinds of boilers, and to broaden their knowledge, and then to add some expertise. So, then, we will continue, so that we can make progress and development. 1. Fuel steam boiler, its fuel consumption, mainly to see what? Fuel steam boiler, this kind of boiler fuel consumption, the main boiler is to look at the tonnage. If it is 2 tons, and a pressure of 1MPa, then, in which the fuel consumption is about 140 liters per hour. Because if it is, then 1 ton, its fuel consumption per hour is about 70 liters. So, to sum up, then it is considered that the tonnage will be multiplied by 70, both boiler fuel consumption per hour can be obtained. 2.4 tons of fuel steam boilers, whether they are special equipment? Whether the need for regular inspection? If, in accordance with the boiler evaporation is greater than 30kg, that is part of the special equipment, then, four tons of fuel steam boiler, which is part of the special equipment.

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