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Possible causes of Water shortage in Oil-fired Gas-fired Steam supermarket hot water atmospheric boiler prices

Water is the main medium for generating heat energy in boilers. During the operation of steam boilers, the drum (pot) contains and maintains a certain amount of water, which makes the steam pressure and boiler water level relatively stable, and is also beneficial to the natural circulation of boilers and the separation of steam and water. It is the basic condition for safe operation of the boiler.

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Henan gas supermarket hot water atmospheric boiler price shutdown: 1. Press Henan gas boilers electronic control box "shutdown" button. 2, Henan gas boiler burner servomotor return to the initial position, the throttle valve is fully closed and gas. 3, Henan gas boiler solenoid regulating valve and the gas valve closed, the blower is stopped. 4, after determining the water temperature is below 50 ℃, stop the circulating pump. 5, the manual closing Henan gas boiler gas valve. 6, close the water supply valve and return valve. 7, check the gas lines, water lines, valves for leaks, air leaks. 8, the control system power down switch (air switch). 9, when the long-term disabled Henan gas boilers, boiler cut off the power supply. Learn Henan gas boiler Details: Panzhihua City, 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and complete phase-out is completed

Water wall: located around the furnace, its main task is to absorb the radiation heat in the furnace, to make the water evaporate, it is the main heating surface of modern supermarket hot water atmospheric boiler prices, but also to protect the furnace wall.

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