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Low nitrogen gas temperature of boiler in sugar factory routine maintenance work, ordinary people can quickly get started with quality low nitrogen gas boiler is not only safe, low emission of harmful substances, but also has ultra-high thermal efficiency, both in thermal power generation, industrial production, domestic heating or other areas have an important role, but now they got more use, today we have to say something about the daily maintenance of low nitrogen gas boiler, so that ordinary people can quickly get started. A periodic inspection of boiler operation at a low nitrogen gas boiler normal operating conditions, during operation caused by noise and exhaust gas temperatures are low (about 60 dB volume, exhaust gas temperature below 100 deg.] C), the user may as a basis for this evaluation, testing boiler operating conditions. Once get sick, immediately notify the technical staff to carry out comprehensive inspections. Second, use the correct method of cleaning a boiler in addition to regularly check the boiler operating conditions for the protection of low nitrogen gas boiler has a longer service life, need to be cleaned regularly, and to adopt proper cleaning methods. First, the alkali agent may be used for a long time into the boiler to boil; Second, the acid liquid can be configured to use cleaning; Third, mechanical cleaning may be used. If after this three methods with the use of the development cycle, but also to achieve a better effect of decontamination detergent. Third, the maintenance of good water quality management attentive operators will boilers from outside to inside are good, water quality management is also an important step in the maintenance of low nitrogen gas boiler. If the boiler water concentration is too high, it will lead to false water level phenomenon, resulting in the boiler does not work. Therefore, operators also need to strengthen water quality management and take preventive measures, so it is more conducive to long-term maintenance of low nitrogen gas boiler. That is, for the above-mentioned three aspects of low nitrogen gas boiler routine maintenance, quality of service by the boiler worth the equivalent preferential treatment, thus requiring the operator with care in their daily boiler, properly managed, it is best to do maintenance work. At the same time, is also where to buy quality low nitrogen gas boiler troubled customers, we recommend directly check online sales and consulting low nitrogen boiler manufacturers and other ways to solve.

Recently, Shanxi Province issued a notice "Shanxi win the Battle of Blue Sky 2019 action plan" for the atmospheric environment management direction, the total annual target put forward concrete implementation of the program, as follows.

1, to promote the boiler depth treatment. October 1, 2019, with the province and more than 65 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and located in built-up areas of cities and counties in coal-fired heating boilers, biomass boilers to complete a full ultra-low emissions transformation. Actively promote the orderly transformation of gas boiler low NOx combustion. 2019, the province completed 232 sets of 19060 tons of steam boiler low nitrogen gas Combustion Technology, 40 407 tons of steam boilers ultra-low emission biomass transformation, 907 sets of 4160 tons of steam boiler low NOx combustion gas transformation.

2, continue to carry out special treatment industrial furnaces. The inclusion of 2018 --2019 autumn and winter ban out of the scope of the comprehensive management of air pollution crucial action of industrial furnaces (coal-fired stove in key areas and non-ferrous industry, coal-fired kilns, coal-fired reverberatory furnace, coal-fired lead melting pot and lead electric boiler, coal-fired heating in the cogeneration heating pipe network coverage, kiln drying, etc.) to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, to ensure the elimination ban in place. Expected annual industrial furnaces out of 147 units, industrial furnace-depth treatment of 629 units.

3, vigorously promote clean winter heating. Full use of the complete transformation of the ultra-low emission cogeneration units and large central heating boiler, cogeneration and district heating based, coal to electricity, coal gas and other clean energy sources, supplemented priority to the township as a unit, take piece together the transformation of the way, instead of living and bulk coal for heating.

4, strengthen management and control bulk coal, municipal or county government to promptly clean heating has been completed the transformation of the area designated as a "ban on coal zone" prohibiting bulk coal entering, to prevent the resurgence of loose coal; energy management department should be organized to make clean coal supply protection; market supervision and management departments to increase coal quality sampling, civil bulk coal company coal sales monthly sampling coverage to more than 10%, the annual sampling coverage to 100%.

5, the implementation of total coal consumption control. Optimize the use of coal structure, non-power coal in 2019 substantially reduced compared to last year, accounting for the province to improve coal for power generation coal consumption ratio.

7, shutting down out of substandard small coal-fired units. In the case with cogeneration heating conditions, shutting down the integration of 300,000 kilowatts and heating in the range of 15 kilometers radius of more coal-fired heating boilers and coal-fired units is not up to the small thermal power generating units. In 2019 the province out of 300,000 kilowatts or less is not up to five coal-fired units, 1.02 million kilowatts.

Heating gas temperature of boiler in sugar factory before the start of the basic operation of gas boiler furnace in operation, to open the main power, to be noted that start-up burner, a gas boiler purge valve in the boiler drum, steam when fully out, and then turn off. When the gas furnace boiler start running, be sure to pay attention to check the observation hole, flanges and valves, is loose, if you find problems in time to tighten, if the problem still find leaks, pay attention to carry out inspection shutdown. 0.05-0.1MPa pressure gas boiler at the time, to pay attention to the issue were pay, sewage, water supply system and sewage screening test device, but also pay attention to the water level table please system; when the pressure rises to 0.1-0.5MPa time , you need to trap gauge for cleaning up; when the pressure is increased to 0.3MPa gas boiler when the "fire load / small fire" switch to the "fire" to strengthen combustion; when the pressure of the gas boiler when the operating pressure rises to two-thirds, to start using heating pipes and were aspirated; and pay attention to open the main steam valve slowly to avoid water hammer phenomenon. When the start operation of the burner gas boiler, to shut down the drain when the valve is fully for emitting steam; when all of the drain valve is closed, and be mindful of the main steam valve was slowly opened to the full, then half a turn, and finally the "combustion control "knob to" automatic. "

Principle Principle temperature of boiler in sugar factory "called water": when the drain cocks after opening, and then close the cock between gas, water pipes and even the water table, the water table connected with the big steam, pressure water table is zero. Then again closed drain cocks open water pipe connected between the water cock and the water table, because the pressure within the drum water level higher than the inner pressure table, if the drum water level is in the vicinity of the water pipe connected to the water vapor stream is brought into water table, which shows the extent of water shortage is not serious. If the "waters" has never been in the water table level, when the water level in the boiler water gauge did not see, first with water flushing method to determine water table is filled with water. If it is determined that water, water level meter for even the highest fire tube boiler is lower than the boundary, emergency shutdown immediately, reducing the furnace temperature, the main steam valve and to close the valve. For larger capacity of water, and the water boiler higher than even the highest fire tube boiler industry, can be "called water" method to determine the severity of water shortages, in order to take appropriate measures. When the "waters" to determine water shortage is not serious, it can continue to the boiler feed water, the water level returned to normal, gradually warming up to start burning equipment, boost operational. Through the "waters", sentenced to severe water shortages, have emergency shutdown, non-blind feed water to the boiler. Never allow chances attempt to cover liability resulting boiler water shortage and water supply blind. This wrong approach often lead to disaster, expansion of the accident, causing the boiler furnace explosion and crash. It believes that water shortage is more serious.

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