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2.8MW gas-fired thermal oil heater project in MauritiusWith outstanding advantages of quality and performance, ZOZEN thermal oil heaters have established a good reputation in the international markets. Recently, ZOZEN YQW series thermal oil heaters gained favor of SOTRATECH in Mauritius. SOTRATECH is an energy company engaged in rational utilization and sustainable development of energy, and it is committed to providing users with systematic energy solutions. This time SOTRATECH undertook a major project of a local textile mill. An energy-efficient thermal oil heater has a direct impact on the quality of the whole project, which provides heat energy for dying, printing, drying and other product progresses in textile industry. Therefore, SOTRATECH was very careful in the selection of the thermal oil heater. SOTRATECH ultimately chose ZOZEN as its thermal oil heater supplier after a series of comparative studies. The director of SOTRATECH expressed that ZOZEN thermal oil heater featured advanced production technology and strict inspection, which fully ensured the quality and performance. After learning the actual condition of the project, ZOZEN provided SOTRATECH with a set of 2.8MW YQW series gas-fired thermal oil heater. The heat exchange surface of the thermal oil heater adopts multi-loop round coil tube structure, which features high security, sufficient heating surface and high thermal efficiency. The waste heat textile boiler for sale, air pre-heater and economizer are installed on the tails of the thermal oil heater to effectively save energy and reduce consumption.

Working principle analysis of steam textile boiler for sale

Steam boiler is one of the most widely used boilers today. Today we will talk about its working principle.

The party hot water textile boiler for sale output fast enough to provide high efficiency, give us save a lot of fuel costs, and exhaust gas discharged tested in full compliance with environmental regulations on emissions of air pollutants in Henan Province. Fast boiler responsible attitude also left us with a deep impression, overhaul maintenance problems for a number of aspects of boiler operation and post, sent a very professional technical staff and our butt, fireman guide our people, for the quick sale of party, we are also very satisfied. --customer feedback

3, textile boiler for sale blowdown

Sewage is very important in a steam boiler, and the effect is very obvious, whether periodic or continuous sewage discharge can effectively discharge excess boiler water salinity. But in hot water boiler blowdown effect is not very obvious. The difference is that: first steam boiler into the water only 10 tons per hour, while the same hot water boiler capacity per hour into the water about 240 tons. It can be seen in the hot water boiler traffic is particularly heavy, is more than 20 times the capacity of the same steam boiler.

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