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Why does the sales of condensing textile industri boiler ac drive pannels increase year by year?

Under the influence of the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection, modern people prefer condensing boilers when they purchase products such as heating. Relevant statistics confirm that the sales volume of condensing boilers has been increasing year by year during the years of development and development of condensing boilers. So why does the full range of condensing boiler sales rise year by year? The author will analyze the reasons for the rising sales of condensing boilers below.

Second, shutdown

1, when the furnace pressure reaches the set value is automatically shut down, then the operator does not carry out any operation;

2, when the shift down and stop human, then the operator should press the stop key boiler controller, turn off the burner, and then turn off the controller; Once complete stop combustion disconnect main power supply;

Gas-fired steam textile industri boiler ac drive pannel is the main boiler of commercial water and residential water. However, from the point of view of boiler explosion and boiler corrosion in recent years, many steam hot water boiler workers are not very familiar with the maintenance and use of Fangkuai boiler or maturing boiler. Therefore, the water quality standard of steam hot water boiler is introduced firstly by the electromechanical technicians in this paper. 1. The installation requires the installation unit to have the technical strength before the installation, carries on the installation construction organization design, formulates the installation construction network plan. Supervisory engineers shall organize design, manufacturing and construction units to communicate and coordinate technology according to the specific conditions of the pumping station. Installation After the design audit of the construction organization is approved, the supervisory engineer will issue the start-up order, allowing the construction unit to enter the site for installation and construction. Set up construction units, establish a single project responsible person, clear the scope of responsibility, unified command. Installation personnel should study technical materials, familiar with drawings, master procedures, specifications and related technical procedures, master installation steps, methods and requirements, so that the installation quality meets the design requirements. 2. The installation plan is the main part of the construction work. The contents include: installation process, installation work plan and so on. The installation plan and construction schedule should be clearly defined in the installation plan. List Identify individual projects, sub-projects and their quantities throughout the project. The main, middle, first and second phases shall be separated, and then reasonably arranged for the construction period, personnel composition and various construction stages. The main task is to get the progress of each project to work together and connect with each other. The main requirements for gas-fired steam boilers are as follows: 1. When the rated evaporation of the boiler is greater than or equal to 6 t / h, the boiler shall be degassed. If the rated evaporation capacity is less than 6 t / h, if the local corrosion is found, the water supply should be deaerated and the oxygen content of the feed water of the steam turbine boiler should be adopted. Should be less than or equal to 0.05mg / L. 2. If it is difficult to determine the dissolved solid, it can be indirectly controlled by measuring conductivity or chloride ion (C1 -), but the relationship between dissolved solid and conductivity or the ratio of chloride to Cl- should be based on the test. Yes. The ratio relationship should be periodically re-tested and corrected. 3. The relative alkalinity of the fully welded structure boiler can be controlled. 4. Steam hot water boilers with rated evaporation of less than or equal to 2 t / h and steam hot water boilers and steam water boilers with rated steam pressure of 1.0MPa or less (such as no special requirements for steam and water quality) can also be treated in pots. However, it is necessary to monitor Steam hot water boiler scaling, corrosion and water quality, and make ingredients, sewage and cleaning work.

To proceed from reality, should be in accordance with the electric power, gas should the gas, the coal should be coal, should be hot the thermal principle, promote the use of all kinds of clean energy for winter heating cleaning. In order to reduce air pollution and protect people's warm winter as a foothold to enterprises, government promotion, residents can withstand the principle of gas after the first change to gas will change in gas assurance, the price is acceptable on the basis of sound promote the "coal to gas" and central heating engineering, in district heating supply pipe network can not cover, vigorously implement the replacement of coal-fired power heating project.

Good job of marketing system storage capacity for natural gas. Accelerate the construction of natural gas transmission and distribution network, the new natural gas volume priority for life and severe winter areas of urban air pollution and coal for heating alternative. In principle, to new natural gas cogeneration and gas chemical projects.

Accelerate agricultural and pastoral areas "coal to electricity," the process of upgrading the power grid. Coordinate development of power transmission project construction, etc. are encouraged to promote the regenerative electric heating. Around on the "coal to electricity" project supporting grid should be given support, coordination "of coal to electricity," "coal to gas" land for construction.

In accordance with national requirements, shutting down environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and other 300,000 kilowatts coal-fired units of non-compliance. For shutting down the unit's capacity, coal consumption and emissions targets, allowed to trade or replacement, can co-ordinate arrangements for building the capacity of ultra-low emission coal-fired units.

According to air quality improvement requirements to accelerate the delineation of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban and to expand the scope of, and actively promote the elimination of small coal-fired boilers. The county level and above urban area basically eliminated 10 tons of steam per hour and coal-fired boilers and tea furnace, stove and other operating coal-fired facilities, in principle, to 35 tons of steam per hour, the new coal-fired boilers, in principle, other areas on no new 10 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers. While banned out of coal-fired boilers, pressure boilers market regulators cancellation of registration certificate to use.

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