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Winter heating season is the high incidence of fog and haze in China, although the gas thermal boiler 200 liter ukraine has been used to clean fuel - natural gas, which can effectively reduce pollutant emissions, but NOXCOX emissions can not be ignored, China's first-tier cities have NOXCOX emissions included in the emissions standards inside, advanced low-emission technology is the product of choice. 2. Intelligent Control

Compared with ordinary thermal boiler 200 liter ukraines condensing boilers more environmentally friendly. Gas will produce large amounts of carbon dioxide in the furnace of the combustion, nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide little. These products of combustion flue gases emitted to the atmosphere with the air can damage the environment, it is more intuitive greenhouse effect and acid rain. Condensed in boiler flue gas while water vapor is condensed, the flue gas emissions of hazardous substances decreases. From an environmental height, the condensing boiler with respect to the ordinary boiler to be encouraged to use more. Difference V. price, service life

Since more than six months since the thermal boiler 200 liter ukraine equipment, heating and hot water supply well, our technical staff also view real-time remote monitoring and control through the use of the boiler to the scene, Baiyun Quan Lake hotel management staff related to our technical staff gave very great encouragement and affirmation. --customer feedback

How to distinguish good or bad quality gas condensing thermal boiler 200 liter ukraine pressure gas condensing boiler pressure is now a new energy saving device, its working principle is the heat of the exhaust gas temperature can be used again, greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the gas used in the process while exhaust gas can also remove some of the gas emissions of harmful substances in the flue gas purification. The grades Condensing boiler pressure. In order to distinguish the quality of condensate gas boiler, the material must first determine the level of condensate gas boiler. Since the air-cooled condensing boiler requires prolonged exposure to water condensate, condensate may cause impurities in the water or acidic oxide condensate, so the material chosen must be stainless steel, aluminum alloy or stainless steel body Austria, has a high iron resistance, to ensure its long-term use. Production technology strength according to the manufacturer. Distinguish between mass of the gas condensing boiler pressure should also be appropriate manufacturer's technical mastery recognition, manufacturers to establish a long-chain solid and reliable capital, a unique integrated technology mature production process of condensing boilers, gas condensing boiler pressure function improvement and development of such manufacturers to produce a strong performance and processing of natural gas condensing boiler pressure equipment is trustworthy. Evaluation of long-term cooperation based on the real business of boiler equipment used. By evaluation of the success stories provided by the company, it is possible to determine the quality of the boiler condensate. Hot air cooled type condensate Condensate boiler must provide air cooling equipment for the boiler plant and the majority of users. And has many users of the service in terms of quality, service attitude highest rating rating condensate high pressure boiler type also shows that it has been recognized by the market. Provide technical maintenance support conditions according to the manufacturer. In order to distinguish the quality of hot gas condensing boiler pressure, the manufacturer should also be aware sale technical support cases. The equipment may malfunction due to operational or environmental factors during use because their makers condensing boiler pressure must be regular technical training and technical testing to ensure safe operation of the boiler. Working condition.

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