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three pass reverse flame lpg fired boiler

8 tph WNS gas-fired steam three pass reverse flame lpg fired boiler for hospitalThe 54 Central Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is a tertiary hospital that integrates medical treatment, teaching, and research. With the continuous expansion of the hospital scale, the increase in the number of beds, departments, and trainees, the boiler evaporation capacity of the original boiler room is too small to meet the sterilization and disinfection, sanitary hot water preparation, hospital laundry and so on. In 2012, the 54 Hospital changed its boilers and ordered a 10 tph SZL coal-fired steam boiler for use in the hospital. In recent years, under the increasingly severe atmosphere situation of the whole country and the province, environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. Xinyang has issued the “Implementation Plan for Suppressing Coal-fired Boilers in Xinyang City from 2014 to 2017”. In 2016, the 54 Hospital as a national tertiary general hospital, actively responded to the call for environmental protection, and implemented replacement of coal-fired boilers. Following the last boiler installed in ZOZEN, it was durable, safe in operation, and high in thermal efficiency. This coal-to-gas project still allows ZOZEN boiler to provide 8 tph WNS gas-fired steam boiler.

Currently, this system through continuous innovation and improvement, has launched a cloud service 3.0 system, you can take advantage of fast, accurate three pass reverse flame lpg fired boiler data collation and analysis of Things technology, and to help customers understand the use of the boiler through the data to ensure safe and effective boiler run. As of the current track, the number of systems online boilers 4600 units, enterprises and institutions to use fast boiler feedback to us, with this system uses a boiler more peace of mind, peace of mind.

The bar is a metric (but not SI) unit of pressure exactly equal to 100000 Pa. It is about equal to the atmospheric pressure on Earth at sea level. 30 bar pressure is equal to 0.3 MPa. So 30 bar wood pellet steam three pass reverse flame lpg fired boiler, this means this boiler’s pressure should be 3 MPa. 0.7 MW hot water boiler is equal to 1 ton steam boiler. So this 30 bar perssure wood pellet steam boiler is nearly equal to 4.3 ton wood pellet steam boiler. As we reagrds, wood pellet fired boiler is more eco-friendly and high efficient than others. Our wood pellet steam boiler has got national patents and international certifications such as IBR, ASME, GOST, etc.

After steam stop steam three pass reverse flame lpg fired boiler, boiler water must be cleaned of dirt in the boiler must be cleaned and then dried with a slow fire, the installation of a diameter of about 10-30 mm in bulk in the boiler on the stove, on the boiler course it can not contact metal boiler volume kg 8 kg per square calculation. Finally, all wells, pipelines and other valves are closed.

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