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April 4, 2019 morning, Xi'an Beilin haze iron-fisted rule to organize the use of gas-fired tie boiler imran lahore unit of area businesses, held a 2019 low nitrogen gas boiler renovation work Publicizing.

The meeting mainly to accelerate the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler Beilin, the ecological environment Beilin Branch Office investigator, neighborhood offices iron-fisted rule haze Director; area involving boiler 2019 user units, boiler enterprises, related to the monitoring unit responsible comrades total of more than 180 participants. Ecological Environment Agency Beilin Branch Comrade security level currently in Xi'an ambient air quality situation, problems and countermeasures were presented. Ecological Environment Agency celebration party strongman rule Beilin Branch Office Director haze on the transformation of relevant documents and carry out propaganda premium policy interpretation. 2018 transformation of the user units China Qiyuan Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Comrade Yang Ann introduced to transform the experience of last year. Finally, the ecological environment Beilin Branch Bureau researcher Liu made a concluding statement:

Since gas steam tie boiler imran lahore energy saving fashion choice to create a new concept of reform and opening up, China's industry has developed rapidly, public life is getting better. However, in recent years, a large number of industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust and dust blowing sand caused by environmental pollution, making the environmental quality of our cities is getting worse atmosphere. Haze over the city often locked to people's survival has brought great health threat. Currently environmental governance has become central to the question from the local environmental protection departments at all levels focus on concentrating on. Gas-fired steam boilers to treatment of industrial waste gas emissions need to start from the source to replace coal-fired boilers with energy saving gas boiler, is the most effective way to quickly and directly to fundamentally solve the industrial waste gas emissions. Now, many previously used coal-fired boilers companies will need to order a gas boiler upgrade. In response to this production and sales of new gas-fired boiler situation, recently, the reporter came to Anyang, Henan Xin Boiler Co., Ltd. interviewed understand. Originally, Anyang, Henan Xin Boiler Co., Ltd. is the designated national production of boilers and pressure vessels manufacturing enterprises, boiler over forty years and one, two, three types of pressure vessel manufacturing history. It has Class A boiler production licenses and one, two, three types of pressure vessel design, manufacturing license qualification. Over the years, Yu Xin Boiler Co., Ltd. has always adhere to the quality of survival, technology and development, people-oriented business philosophy, with strong personnel and development strength, advanced technology and equipment, the production of boilers and pressure vessels products sold at home and abroad . At present, environmental pollution, improve air quality without delay. Yu Xin Boiler Co., Ltd. According to this new market demand, rapid response, and actively carry out R & D and innovation, the first time introduced a variety of specifications for the various manufacturers of gas boilers and a number of other categories of environment-friendly boiler. Gas boiler Boiler Co., Ltd. of Henan Xin has been introduced, has been widely acclaimed by various production companies, customers continue to visit, orders soared. For continued strong sales of energy saving Yu Xin gas boiler, the reporter also made a key understanding. Compared with other boiler, gas boiler, Henan Xin is wet back, waveform furnace structure, heating surface are arranged symmetrically, so that the boiler and the expansion force more reasonable; rational heated area and ensures good water circulation and heat exchange the effect of heat transfer at their best to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Full butt weld wet back structure Henan Xin gas steam boiler, to avoid damage to the back wall of the high temperature flue gas, but also to ensure reliable operation of the boiler; a waveform combustion furnace, effectively reducing the thermal stress of the boiler, improved boiler safety and service life; selection of well-known international brand burners and advanced automatic control system for the boiler combustion more stable, more convenient, more secure and reliable. After Zhefan understood that reporters understand that it is one of the current fashion of choice in the situation of energy saving Yu Xin gas boiler.

Gas heating tie boiler imran lahore operating cost analysis as the winter heating season approaches, many other institutions and other companies began to purchase a new gas heating boiler, in the process, it will inevitably make it simple operating cost analysis following Xiaobian take you to do a simple understanding. First, the cost of natural gas, natural gas according to a monovalent 3 yuan per standard side to count, the level of which depends on the cost of much air consumption of the gas boiler, multiplying the two, can be roughly calculated unit price. Under if other conditions are stable, just on its own gas heating boiler operation, the boiler efficiency we need to see how much heat and fuel, and if its utilization is high, gas consumption per unit of time Some will naturally be relatively low, so when the purchase of a new boiler, to be understanding of these parameters and the control. The second is the cost of gas heating boiler, which we need to see that the selected boiler manufacturers, various factors related to the quality of boilers, boiler tonnage and auxiliary boilers configuration costs, erection of boiler tubes and its own budget, and different specific conditions, the cost naturally is not the same, the need for accounting for the specific circumstances, to obtain a reasonable offer. In addition, the boiler is too specific circumstances of the site, working hours boilers, how to configure, so affected, during boiler operation cost analysis, which is also taken into account the need, will make a reasonable allocation of gas heating boiler get just the right run, the cost will naturally be relatively lower. Finally, it is to take into account maintenance, repair, and exhaust gas boilers and other processing costs, on these issues, if the boiler in the process of running standard operation, the boiler heat utilization is relatively high, the cost will naturally not too high it also requires rigorous selection link in front of some boiler manufacturers for aftermarket understanding in place some of the cost of this part of nature will not have much impact. In short, the running cost of boiler fuel of choice will be affected, during running, a reasonable comparative analysis of the impact when the end of the run all aspects of maintenance and so on, and be elegant in these areas, and merit-based election, which can be rationalized costs.

For some industrial tie boiler imran lahores, such processes have been generally satisfactory, although salinity feed water does not necessarily decreased.

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