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Also mentioned briefly in front of the thermal efficiency condensing top 20 boilers company in india is higher than ordinary boilers, we will talk about further thermal efficiency. Why focus on how the thermal efficiency, thermal efficiency have so important? Of course, important! The level of thermal efficiency of a boiler directly determine the level of consumption of these boilers, in other words the thermal efficiency is related to everyone pocket money!

Henan furnace gas top 20 boilers company in india water standards and a safety, Henan gas boiler water control MEASURES: ① alkalinity boiler water 6 ~ 26mmol / L② boiler water oxygen ≤0.1mg / L③ feedwater hardness ≤0.03mmol / L④ boiler water PH value of 10 to 120 II normal Henan gas boiler shutdown: ① ② off switch off the boiler natural gas inside the pressure reduction valve drum ③ ④ ⑤ drum water level at high water discharge check valve is closed tightly on the boiler pump valves closed ⑥ ! ⑦ turn off the power switch three different gas boiler safety Henan Henan other gas boiler having a boiler, particularly its mounted position, large air consumption is high product safety requirements. So, in North America, all gas boiler products must detect all pushed through strict safety and environmental standards before the market. Testing standards with the development of products and constantly updated. Various types of boilers exact product has a corresponding special safety testing standards. The balance gas boiler and a flue gas boiler testing standards different decorative gas boiler and heating gas boiler with different standards. Therefore, the balance of North American gas boiler should have the certification of products, such as such as AnsiZ21.88 or CSA2.33, representing a safe and environmentally friendly products has reached the standard, users can be assured.

Commercial Fast side condensing gas hot water top 20 boilers company in india, using a variety of high-tech innovations, such as wings tube, a condenser, a premix, of FGR combustion technology, and the like. In thermal efficiency, footprint, energy saving and environmental protection has a significant degree of break, up to 108% of ultra-high thermal efficiency; 20% -40% reduction in footprint compared with ordinary gas hot water boiler (more suitable for shopping malls, hotels, schools, entertainment venues and other infrastructure boiler room area smaller place); emissions of nitrogen oxide emission standards in China is lower than the atmospheric pollution (nitrogen oxides <30 mg / cubic meter), our first-tier cities to meet stringent emission standards for the wider!

Henan Flower cattle group under the Animal Husbandry Bureau of Henan Province, is set cow breeding, seed promotion, dairy processing, food processing, veterinary preparations and the manufacture of APIs for an integrated group of companies. Dairy Engineering Technology Research Center, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, as well as dairy Engineering Research Center, Biological Engineering Research Center of veterinary drugs, dairy cattle breeding Engineering Technology Research Center and other representatives of the region, the industry's highest level of scientific research institutions are located in Flower cattle Group. In the same year, the dairy cattle Flower and fast Boiler cooperation, signed a 10 tons of steam pipe steam top 20 boilers company in indias (SZS10-2.5-Y.Q).

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