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Traveling chain grate stoker boiler

When coal-fired traveling chain grate stoker boilers, which need to use technology

Coal-fired boiler is an important step to promote the process of China's energy-saving and environmental protection, many cities are very encouraged coal-fired boiler reconstruction project, giving premium policy, depending on the duration and scale of reform.

10 ton circulating fluidized bed traveling chain grate stoker boiler in Indonesia advantages

1.10 ton circulating fluidized bed boiler in Indonesia combustion system is consist of combustion chamber,material collector and return feeder,so the materials can have circular combustion under this system.Many kinds of solid fuels are suitable to combustion effectively and steadily.

2.Pure combustion technology: when put the lime stones in the stove,it has simple desulfuration.After achieving the ratio 2:1 of calcium and sulfur,it will has above 80% desulfuration,and has the lowest emission of SOx and NOx.

Since our company uses WNS6-1.25-YQ split two condensing traveling chain grate stoker boiler, the boiler runs very stable, high degree of automation, greatly reducing the labor intensity of fireman our staff, because running very clean without any emissions, but also greatly improved our paper mill house and the surrounding environment, high operating efficiency boilers. Service is also very timely response to our technical consulting reply quickly and accurately. Especially for regular visits to thank! --customer feedback

An ordinary heat traveling chain grate stoker boiler fuel gas after combustion caused by the need to release the heated water or other medium, the exhaust gas temperature is also high, more than 130 ℃, the flue gas will take away a lot of heat, resulting in energy waste, without environmentally friendly. Join the flue gas condensing boiler technology is about to be discharged out of the water vapor condenses, releasing latent heat in the flue gas into the boiler needs to provide heated water or other medium, adding more energy. Meanwhile, the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to about 50 ℃, reduced emissions of harmful substances. So condensing boiler compared with ordinary boilers, thermal efficiency will be much higher.

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