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Five advantages of low nitrogen traveling grate boilers technology: In order to make the city more environmentally friendly people live, greener, emissions of nitrogen oxides control is critical. Low nitrogen boiler as a new, full use of low NOx combustion principle of the boiler into the spotlight. In addition, the national capacity to master the core technology on the rise, more and more good quality and low prices of low nitrogen boiler replaced the old high energy consumption, high pollution and low quality of conventional boilers, low nitrogen boiler has the following five advantages.

2, pressure P, the unit is "Mpa";

3, steam (or superheated steam) Temperature q, in degrees Centigrade. Hot water boiler expressed in terms of outlet temperature and return water temperature. Another area of ​​the heating surface of each grate area, fuel type, fuel consumption, water temperature, total drag, with the wind (the wind drums) the amount of exhaust gas temperature and the like.

4, evaporation: long-term continuous operation of the boiler in the premise of ensuring safety, the number of steam per hour produced, called the evaporation of this boiler. Evaporation also known as "output" or "capacity", the commonly used unit is "t / h" (t / h).

As can be seen from the above comparison, the operating cost of the gas traveling grate boilers technology room slightly higher than coal-fired boilers, gas boilers but can greatly improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity and reduce their overall investment. And with the national environmental protection policies, the development trend of energy policy, gas boiler operating costs than coal-fired boilers have a very large decline in space, therefore, very suitable for coal-fired boiler gas boiler instead.

A strict traveling grate boilers technology installation access. For newly installed boiler strictly enforce provincial and municipal environmental policy, a full cessation of 35 tons and below, installation and construction of coal-fired boilers to inform, installation supervision, inspection and use of registration, to cooperate with the elimination (dismantling) work.

Second, the coal-fired boiler using a registration certificate cancellation notice. According to regulations, the original registration for the 83 and 10-ton coal-fired boilers using the write-off registration certificate shall be published on the government website, while informing the inspection unit will not be tested.

Third, strengthen supervision and law enforcement boiler safety, to promote the phase-out of coal-fired boilers. The boiler safety supervision and law enforcement with prevention and control of air pollution combine to crack down on illegal installation of boilers, illegal use, not extended inspection, not extended rectification risks and other illegal acts, to perform their duties according to law, to promote the phase-out of coal-fired boilers smoothly. This year we have gone through all kinds of boilers 117 units, of the 10 units are still using coal-fired boiler inspection found, ordered to stop using and timely communicated to the relevant environmental authorities and the town street, cooperate with the 10 coal-fired the dismantling of the boiler.

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