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Daily maintenance and routine maintenance and maintenance of knowledge knowledge maintenance electric steam boiler electric steam boiler 1, the boiler water must be treated to soften water standards-compliant. Repairs, boiler maintenance, you must cut off the power supply must be relief. 2, boiler blowdown must be every day, to ensure clean water in the boiler. 3, always check the transmission line, to the pump, the control box member key health, safety valves and pressure switches, time to find abnormal reasons, timely maintenance. 4, water table should always be kept clean, wash once a day, so ensure to see the water level, moving relief valve once a day, to prevent rusting failure. 5, boiler stop running for a long time, should cut off the power while the boiler, the water inside the pipes put the net to prevent frost damage, rusting. 6, a sudden power outage, the power should be turned off, the inlet valve. 7, by listening, smell, see, touch control box to do normal maintenance work. Such as abnormal phenomenon should immediately cut off the power timely maintenance. 8, the periodic electric heating tube fastening nut and the screw flange connection. 9, electric heating oven in the vapor easy to scale. If there is no softening equipment steam boiler, electric heating is recommended once a month detached, to remove the scale. If treatment equipment should disassemble the tube was heated at six months or a descaling. Note again the electric heating tube connection recovery, good fastening screws on the flange, the fastening screws should be fastened symmetrically repeatedly tightened in order to avoid water leakage occurs. 10, when the boiler is stopped, the power should be cut off, the control box is opened, check all the electrical connections of the nut member, looseness should be tightened to prevent poor contact and electrical wires burning member. 11, every six months or a year the boiler must be an internal cleaning, cleaning work to ensure that the boiler efficiency and service life.

January 16, Harbin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Director of the atmosphere and noise pollution control at the public hall, Li Bin, said: "Harbin problem-oriented, focused on solving the coal pollution environmental air quality, autumn and winter of straw burning pollution." By a wide range of governance, 2018, Harbin has made in terms of ambient air quality improvement remarkable results, the standard number of days 310 days, an increase of 40 days, for the introduction of new environmental quality standards since the best of the year.

Prior to 2017, the total removal of Harbin urban built-up area of ​​small boilers range of nearly 3,000. 2017, Harbin started the largest in the history of the elimination of small-scale boilers battle, tear down 9 district built-up areas and industrial parks within a small boiler 2074 units. 2018, further expanded the phase-out range, expanded from 9 Zone has outside built-up areas, where the built-up area in District 9 out of 10 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers to achieve foundation "clear" on the hour and eliminated more than 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers 99 units, out of the city a total of 1191 units. The results accumulated over the years, significantly reducing the use of coal, reduce emissions of pollutants.

According to reports, in the fall and winter seasons, Harbin straw Jinshao pay close attention to the work to implement the five grids responsibility, building straw Jinshao 24-hour duty system inspections, inspection teams at all levels of uninterrupted inspection. In addition, Harbin has also implemented emission standards of air pollutants, vehicle control, open-air barbecue ban, dust management, especially in heavy weather pollution contingency timely warning, take active control measures played a role in the down-clipping. Through various management, air quality has been greatly improved.

Waste heat recovery boiler applications:

Traditionally, waste heat of low temperature range (0-120 °C, or typically under 100 °C) has not been used for electricity generation despite efforts, mainly because the waste heat boiler efficiency is rather low (max. 18% for 90 °C heating and 20 °C cooling, minus losses, typically ending up with 5-7% net electricity). In general, waste heat below 100 °C could be used for the production of bio-fuel by growing of algae farms or could be used in greenhouses or even used in Eco-industrial parks.Waste Heat of medium (120-650 °C) and high (>650 °C) temperature could be used for the generation of electricity or mechanical work via different capturing processes.

Coconut Shell Fired Steam Boiler Price

When it comes to the term of price of coconut shell fired steam boiler, there are many factors to consider, like capacity, size, fuels, technology, installation, transportation and so on. ZG Boiler will supply the best price and quality at your advantages.

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