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Boiler feed water preparation device preparing process advantages and disadvantages current power vacuum hot water heating boilers design chemical engineering feed water system ultrapure water substantially above three processes, rest of the process are carried out with different combinations of the three basic process on the basis of the above derived. Their disadvantages are now listed in the following: 1, a first ion exchange resin is advantageous in that low initial investment, space occupied, but the disadvantage is the need for frequent regeneration of ions, pH-consuming, but also for the environment certain destructive. 2, the second stage reverse osmosis equipment, which is characterized by the early administration level attained manner using ion exchange resin is higher, but without resin regeneration. The disadvantage is that the original film is related to be cleaned or replaced regularly, the water quality is not too high, relatively speaking, most can do about 1us / cm. 3, the third reverse osmosis for pre-matched electro-deionization (EDI) apparatus, which is ultra-pure water system to take the preparation of ultrapure water most economical and environmentally friendly, it does not require regeneration with acid continuous Preparation of ultrapure water, no environmentally destructive. The disadvantage is that the initial investment is relatively above two methods are too expensive. High-pressure boiler feed water treatment equipment for industrial and mining enterprises and medium-sized thermal power plant and boiler feed water treatment. The world's most advanced reverse osmosis membrane element, pressure vessels and other equipment, supported by reasonable and have a pre-processing and post-processing equipment, can produce boiler feed water in line with national or industry standards (GB1576-79, DL / T561-95) super pure water. In the membrane treatment system, used typically ultrafiltration pretreatment 1mm diameter hollow fiber, to remove suspended solids and colloids in raw water, the biggest problem is the pretreatment as UF membrane fouling and membrane clogging for this often provided at the front pre-filter, to remove large particle suspension was pre-filtered before flocculants, such as PAC (poly acrylic acid) can improve the filtration quality, and reduce the membrane resistance. The amount of dissolved oxygen to the boiler feed water system of the plant required for the general requirements 0.3mg / L or less, for degassing membrane should be operated at a vacuum of less than 5.33Kpa (40TORR) a. IPC programmable control system control, automatic start and stop, dosing and flushing, automatic monitoring of various operating parameters, for production management.

Before the opening, Xiao Bian would like to ask you, for the "vacuum hot water heating boilers design chemical engineering" the vocabulary, what concept? Heavy shell? Dark boiler room? Or the dusty it? In the fast boiler, all this will be broken. Into the fast side, the first thing is 120,000 square meters of factory area, 6,000 square meters of clean boiler test center, you will inevitably get lost. But now do not worry, we launched a corporate panoramic VR, sweeping away mobile phones, travel all know.

How much 700KW gas hot water vacuum hot water heating boilers design chemical engineering a vacuum? How much 700KW gas hot water boiler of a vacuum? With the boiler market development, the application of vacuum hot water boiler is also more extensive, but many users this one is also not very in-depth understanding, the following small taping we do a simple understanding. What is vacuum gas hot water boiler? Boiler is in a state in normal operation, its interior lower than the external atmospheric pressure, and cold water is heated by way of phase change heat cold water. In general applications of vacuum gas hot water boiler, which is used in residential, hotels, hotels and some small and medium enterprises and institutions of the heating system. How much 700KW gas hot water boiler of a vacuum? Vacuum gas hot water boiler 700KW, upon conversion after synthesis about 1 ton, usually, when the internal vacuum hot water boiler industry to be divided, but also divided into ordinary, condensation, and low condensing nitrogen three kinds, because of the technology employed, and the process boilers, thermal efficiency, etc. are different, and therefore, even if the same 1 ton vacuum gas hot water boiler, its price will be different. But the three basic price of between 60,000 to 190,000, different prices, the price level of natural boiler is not the same. However, the low nitrogen vacuum condensing hot water boiler, either in a suitable thermal efficiency of the boiler in emissions of nitrogen oxide and matter are more objective, for-profit enterprise or institution concerned, in the latter part of the year can be saved operations 18-20 million for operating costs, and over time can also reach back to the results, so, Xiao Bian personally feel, if long-term interest in a comprehensive evaluation, then choose low nitrogen vacuum condensing gas hot water boiler in the long-term significance It is more cost effective.

The exhaust steam from the turbine is passed through the multiple effect evaporator station and used to heat vacuum pans in the crystallization stage as well as for other heating purposes in the sugar mill.

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