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Industrial CFB steam boilers have been a useful energy source for several centuries. With a simple setup, a CFB steam boiler combines water and heat to create pressurized steam that is easily manipulated for supplying heating in textile mill, power generation, AAC plant, food processing.

3, boiler sale problems

There is also a very worth mentioning is the boiler manufacturer's service problems, and improve after-sales service can guarantee the legitimate rights of the user, but also the follow-up to protect the normal use of the boiler, allowing users to use no worries on the boiler.

Small pressure vertical hot water boiler supplier in phil parameters introduced it comes to small pressure hot water boiler, the public may not understand the very thought. Do not know what a small pressure hot water boiler covers. In fact small pressure hot water boiler is not too large evaporation pressure hot water boiler. Did not use off people apparently do not know. Here below, we recommend a small series for the public especially a small flow pressure hot water boiler. Small pressure hot water boiler is the use of natural gas is not too large pressure hot water boiler, pressure hot water boiler so both vertical type structure, on the other hand there is a horizontal structure. If the selected vertical type structure, the gas valve is disposed downward, two-pass configuration, efficiency of fast, stable pressure hot water boiler operating; connected with spoilers smoke tube, slow speed exhaust, increased heat exchange efficiency, pressure high thermal efficiency hot water boiler, accounting for a small place. If it is a horizontal structure, the pressure hot water boiler for the European program three times, three or flyback, ignites abundant natural gas, high efficiency hot, smoke more in line with environmental requirements, to reduce the maximum level of use can cost people choose .

We learned from Zhenjiang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, to further promote the Battle of Blue Sky, enhance air quality, the city actively carry out biomass boiler investigation and remediation work has been completed seven bathrooms demolition of straw biomass boiler work in built-up urban area .

Biomass boiler pollution remediation has been a major focus of air pollution control, some of the city bathhouses, hotels, restaurants in the use of raw materials process boilers, illegally blended with coal, waste wood, waste and other substances, not advanced treatment of smoke, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants directly into the atmosphere, some impact on air quality.

According to relevant regulations, Zhenjiang city, the city built the region prohibited the use of straw biomass boilers, the current investigation and the bathroom were 10 straw biomass boiler, in which 7 have been removed, two shutdown ready transformation. At the same time, straw biomass boiler outside the urban area will be completed before the end of June classification renovation work, all dedicated boiler using biomass briquette students, prohibit blended with other fuels, coal, wood, etc., and must complete the construction of the bag efficient dust embodiments, emissions guarantee compliance.

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